Data & Analytics Capabilities

From data modernisation to democratisation of advanced analytics, our team of senior data analytics consulting experts at Coforge’s Salesforce Business Unit (formerly WHISHWORKS) bring specialist insight and capabilities to help accelerate your projects, reduce costs and future-proof your technology investment.

Data architecture modernisation

Corporate data architectures tend to have long shelf-lives, especially if their development began some time ago. It’s not surprising that they no longer support modern business goals.

Our data consulting experts will help you modernise your data architecture, adopting a new approach to defining, implementing, and integrating your data stacks, leveraging both cloud and new data consulting concepts and components.

Our capabilities

  • Event-driven Data Architecture
  • Data Lakehouse Architecture
  • Databricks Analytics
  • Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Azure Data Lake Services, AWS S3

Legacy data infrastructure modernisation

For companies to build a competitive edge they need to have an agile, metadata-driven approach to managing their data.

Our data analytics consulting experts help simplify and streamline the design, development, and maintenance for data consulting processes, empowering IT teams to deliver the fastest time-to-production to fuel analytics needs.

Our capabilities

  • Modern Data Warehouse/ cloud EDW
  • Analytics on any variety, volume or velocity of data
  • Real-time, streaming ETL, modern data pipelines
  • Snowflake, AWS Redshift
  • Azure SQL DW
  • Azure Data Factory
  • Kafka, Azure Event Hubs
  • Spark, Databricks

Democratisation of advanced analytics

A common mistake companies do is restricting data consulting science to only the experts missing out on new business opportunities from the wider enterprise.

Our experts will help you put together the tools and processes to effectively make digital information accessible across the business and benefit from new insights and opportunities from effective data consulting.

Our capabilities

  • Accelerate Time-to-Insight (TTI)
  • Enable Real-time, Interactive analytics
  • Enable Predictive & Prescriptive analytics. Reporting, BI, Analytics, Advanced Analytics
  • Tableau
  • Power BI, Azure Analysis Services
  • Machine Learning, Azure ML Studio
  • Databricks Notebooks
  • Spark

Reduced data stack costs

On premise data stacks has proven to be a costly endeavour to cloud. However, for many companies the shift to the cloud has proven more complex and expensive from what was anticipated. Data analytics consulting can help make this shift easier.

Our data analytics consulting engineers will help you reduce the total cost of ownership of your data stack, regardless of where it sits – on premise, cloud or hybrid.

Our capabilities

  • Reduce cost and complexity of data operations
  • Automate and standardise data transformations
  • Serverless, Data-as-a-Service.
  • Data Engineering, Data Operations, DataOps, Data DevOps
  • Azure Data Factory, Azure Function, Azure DevOps, Azure Pipelines

WHISHWORKS’ solution enabled us to achieve our business objectives and goals with increased service levels, demonstrating a high level of expertise by effectively implementing the project to the agreed timelines and going a level beyond what we thought was achievable.

Lee Taaffe, Business Information Analyst at LGC | Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics Services

Data & Analytics Consulting

Whether you are planning a new data initiative, revising your strategy, upgrading your architecture or simply want to improve outcomes, Coforge – Salesforce Business Unit can help you gain clarity on how to best achieve your business and technology objectives.

With a proven discovery methodology, we help you to develop a broader scope for the initiative aligned to the business objectives, and to create a minimum viable product, an optimal solution and the shortest path to achieve your objectives.

Our approach

Our Data & Analytics Consultants with work closely with you to:

  • Scope project requirements
  • Record data source systems, data integration and quality standards, data extraction methodologies and interfaces
  • Document user stories, architectural and non-functional requirements
  • Architect and implement a proof of concept

Data & Analytics Managed Services

Designed to give you the responsiveness and flexibility you need to turn data into actionable insights, our comprehensive managed services model lets you focus on your business strategy instead of worry about the technology infrastructure supporting it.

Core platform support

  • Cluster monitoring & health checks
  • Patching & minor upgrades
  • User access management
  • Performance tuning & optimisation
  • Incident resolution & root-cause analysis
  • Cluster support ensuring high availability
  • Monitoring, application enhancements and on-going application support

Project delivery

  • Platform-to-Business alignment
  • Platform transition & change
  • Platform modernisation
  • Platform component standardisation
  • E2E data pipelines transformation
  • Data analysis & assessment
  • Data integration & architecture
  • Data engineering
  • Integration with existing Enterprise Data Warehouse & Sources

DevOps as-a-service

  • Platform Automation
  • Continuous integration
  • Continuous release & deployment

Service improvements

  • Continuous monitoring
  • SLA improvements
  • Regular analysis & reporting

Platform migration

Mergers and acquisitions within the big data ecosystem brought a level of confusion and uncertainty. Many on-premise platform users are worried about the volatility of their platform, potential risks for their data and applications, as well as the suitability and viability of alternative courses of action. We can help.

Some of our customers are in the process of assessing or planning the migration of their on-premise big data platform to a cloud-native data platform. Our team of experienced architects and data engineers can guide you through the design and implementation of a complete migration (data, apps and workflows) from your on-premise platform to a cloud-native data platform (eg AWS, Google GCP, or MS Azure).

Our expert team of data consultants regularly conduct discovery sessions and more in-depth risk assessment engagements, to help companies choose the best option for their current technology stack and strategic roadmap. Whether you decide to maintain, upgrade or migrate your on-premise data platform, our data engineers will align with your teams to accelerate timelines, eliminate risk, and minimise impact to your daily operations.

Data integration

Analysing data stored in silos has limited value. With an integrated data lake, you can unlock insights that would have otherwise been missed.

Coforge – Salesforce Business Unit provides a unified solution for Data Integration: building, deploying, and managing real-time data-centric architectures in a big data environment. Once the big data platform is setup, our data integration services aim to achieve multiple elements of integration, like batch and real-time data ingestion, from identified sources. The data transformation, data verification and quality activities ensure that information available is up to date, accurate, and consistent across systems.

Our Data & Analytics Consultants will work closely with your team to:

  • Scope data ingestion, transformation and quality management requirements
  • Record data source systems, data consuming platforms, data formats, data mappings, business rules, data transformation, data quality, data extraction methods and interfaces
  • Understand and document non-functional requirements like data volume and throughput.
  • Design key data processing frameworks/engines required for the implementation
  • Design detailed technical architecture and ensure adherence of end-to-end data lifecycle
  • Implement an end-to-end data integration solution
  • Perform unit, functional and performance testing to ensure business and non-functional requirements are met