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Coforge’s Salesforce Business Unit (formerly WHISHWORKS) comes with a strong Data & Analytics heritage. We help you gain a competitive edge by unlocking the insights within your data.

Transforming your business into a data-driven organisation can seem like a big undertaking. Your data requirements will be as unique as your business is, and there is no simple, off-the-shelf solution.

At Coforge, we have formed close partnerships and developed skills across all the leading data platforms and tools, to provide you with expert support and bespoke implementations that remove bottlenecks and accelerate time to value. Our data analytics consulting experts are ready to help you achieve your data goals.


Data security and governance are at the heart of our Data & Analytics practice. When you work with us, you’ll gain unbiased access to best practice, proven capabilities and an experienced, multi-disciplined pool of resources. Our Data & Analytics consultants have over 100 certifications and each has an average of 10+ years’ experience, which means we have the data consulting knowledge and skills required to ensure governance and security are delivered at every stage of your project’s lifecycle.


In order to gain a competitive advantage, we understand that businesses need to make cost-effective investments that bring value to the business. At Coforge we have developed a suite of domain specific Data & Analytics frameworks and accelerators that deliver value from your data by speeding up your time-to-insight, maximising operational efficiency and futureproofing your investment.


In a fast-paced digital world, it is more important than ever for your teams to access business critical data, draw insights and respond to change with agility and speed. Through our extensive experience from numerous projects that enable real-time streaming, we can help your business to unlock data, modernise legacy data solutions and enable real-time agility, to ensure you have quick and easy access to the information you need to make more informed decisions.

WHISHWORKS’ solution enabled us to achieve our business objectives and goals with increased service levels, demonstrating a high level of expertise by effectively implementing the project to the agreed timelines and going a level beyond what we thought was achievable.

Lee Taaffe, Business Information Analyst at LGC | Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics CoE

Our Data & Analytics experts are fluent in a broad set of technologies and practises, including DevOps, Automation and Agile Project Delivery. Through our Data & Analytics Centre of Excellence, we have the hands-on experience and unrivalled expertise to deliver a unique solution for your business, helping you to maximise business growth, decision-making and efficiency.

We invest heavily in the improvement of our Data Analytics consulting services, including best practices, code standardisation, problem solving and innovation. Our data consulting experts have over 100 certifications and are in tune with the very latest advancements in data and digital transformation. They specialise in an ecosystem of on-premise, cloud and hybrid Data & Analytics platforms and PaaS providers, including:

Microsoft Azure
Apache Kafka
Cloudera & Hortonworks

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The Data & Analytics Journey

  • Innovation


    Our Data Analytics consulting architects will work with your team through a series of workshops to discover the data sources, document opportunities and propose the best solution that adds value to your business. We will help you to create a roadmap that utilises our extensive experience solving diverse data and analytics problems across different industries and business functions, so you can improve business performance and decision making, and as a result, drive superior outcomes.

  • Salesforce Cloud Services Benefits - Development & Data & Analytics Accelerators Benefits - Deployment


    Our team of data consulting experts evangelises value streams aligning to business goals, and implementation road maps for use cases aligning to your near-term and long-term objectives. Our proven agile delivery model ensures key milestones and timelines are met, and minimum viable products are delivered in each sprint. Our continuous investment in data engineering means that best practice, governance and quality are embedded to our delivery model.

  • Support


    Our end-to-end approach ensures you can depend on our expert support to ensure the continuity of your applications and operations. Our support services are tailored to meet your specific needs, and we’ll work closely with you to ensure you have the peace of mind that SLAs are met 100% and that your infrastructure and applications are running securely, without disruption.

Making the most of Data & Analytics

  • Worldpay Whishworks Data Analytics Case Study

    Worldpay case study

    Worldpay is a leading payments processing services provider, processing millions of transactions from around the world on a daily basis. Our consultants have been instrumental in architecting, designing and building EDP’s Hortonworks Data Platform and its integrations with source and other down-stream systems. Our team of specialists has been working alongside Worldpay’s team, providing support for the management of the platform and all application systems, whilst enabling them to leverage expert knowledge and industry best practices.

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  • Data Analytics Insights

    Data & Analytics Insights

    Every business, big or small, is managing a considerable amount of data generated through its various data points and business processes. At times, businesses are able to handle these data using excel sheets, access databases or other similar tools. However, when data cannot fit into such tools, and human error instances increase above acceptable limits due to intensive manual processing, it is time to consider investing in your data infrastructure and benefitting from data analytics consulting. Visit our blogs to explore our wide range of Data & Analytics insights.

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  • Kakfa Data Streaming Data Analytics Webinar

    Kafka Event Streaming webinar

    Kafka is designed to grow with your business. It spans over multiple servers, is reliable and, among its many functionalities, can handle continuous flow of data. Our event streaming practice is underpinned by a team of expert senior data consulting experts with deep expertise in Confluent & Kafka deployments requiring high-availability, enterprise compliance, high-scalability, and industrial, robust operations. In our webinar we join Confluent to discuss why event streaming has become so important for business success, the benefits of data consulting and what it takes to become an event-driven organisation.

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