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Trade Finance

Trade Finance, also known as the fuel for global commerce, is a fundamental and indispensable function in international and domestic commerce.

Apart from assuring buyers and sellers for delivery and payment, it helps close the trade cycle funding gap to execute smooth business. The growth and sustenance of the $16 trillion international trade market depends on the easy availability and robustness of financing mechanisms.

Solution Need

The current process that the banks and their corporate clients follow for managing trade transactions is highly manual. This process also causes a lack of visibility and overhead costs, further causing delays in payment and delivery. There is a lack of awareness into the goods’ movement. Moreover, the effort required for counterparty due diligence and contractual compliance processes is enormous. These obstacles increase risk and costs for banks, leading to unfavorable financing terms, especially for small businesses. According to an estimate, banks reject 60% of trade finance applications globally from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). These risks and inefficiencies can limit the size of the trade finance market and adversely affect the growth in global commerce. It is high time trade finance receives appropriate technology intervention to counter the challenges mentioned above. Coforge’s Trade Finance Blockchain-based accelerator brings robust features to ease out the threats to the smooth functioning.


  • The processing time is faster, and contract closures happen quickly.
  • The AI and ML-powered data analytics allow banks to strategize their offerings and control their bottom-line better.
  • IoT-led features lend added surety to the goods that need a controlled environment.


  • Automation reduces processing time and cost, brings transparency.
  • Compliance reduces time and effort for verification and reconciliation.
  • Smart contracts facilitate instant transaction settlement.
  • Shared ledger brings transparency.
  • The solution eases tracking and tracing.
  • Proof of Ownership ceases counterfeit goods.

Technology Stack

Hyperledger Fabric v2.2.x, ReactJs, NodeJs, Active MQ, Apache Spark, Mongodb

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