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Coforge redefines traveller journey with a personalized retail experience


The client was one of the leading destination airlines in the U.S. They worked with Coforge with the aim of creating a new-age digital experience for their customers. Coforge had extensive experience in delivering digital e-commerce solutions to the airline industry and was able to a develop and integrate multiple e-commerce solutions for the client.

About the client

The client was one of the leading destination airlines in the U.S., operating a fleet of over 40 aircraft and carrying over 10 million customers annually. ​ 

Business Challenge

The client wanted to create a new-age digital experience for their customers by redefining their journey across various channels, devices, and touchpoints. The primary focus was on increasing ancillary revenues by introducing ‘hyper-personalization’ across customer touchpoints, thereby treating every customer as a ‘segment of one’.

The primary business goals to be achieved were:

  • To increase ancillary revenues by gaining deep insights about the customers through analytics​
  • To ensure a seamless customer experience across channels, devices, and touchpoints.​
  • To ensure that the commercial website accommodates high traffic volumes and maintains secure information​
  • To improve time to market for the e-commerce platform

Our Solution

Coforge provided integration and implementation services to the client and focused on bringing an ‘emotionally empathetic experience’ to the client’s end customers. ​ 

Web and mobile e-commerce platforms were developed with a check-in functionality for kiosks providing hyper-personalization and a seamless experience to the customer across multiple touchpoints.

Coforge was able to introduce new-age features across various applications, like:​ 

  • Predictive search​ 
  • Enhanced and intuitive search filters​ 
  • User profile and history management​ 
  • Simplified checkout​ 
  • Responsive and eye catching  UX​ 
  • An SEO friendly portal

Following is the list of activities undertaken by Coforge:

  • Designed and developed the website on Sitecore CMS and .Net framework providing internationalization and localization aspects​ 
  • Designed and developed features to integrate within the e-commerce web and mobile applications​ 
  • Designed and developed features for applications providing check-in services at kiosks
  • Designed and developed complex functionalities such as integration with  Alipay and Global Collect payment system, Farelogix for ancillary pricing, co-branded card sign-up in the booking flow, travel insurance, trip planning, and monthly schedules ​ 
  • Enabled shopping using Google ITA QPX version 8.1 for in-flight shopping​ 
  • Ensured quality assurance across services like baggage handling, business, and PSS upselling, adding/changing Miles, Codeshare check-in, etc.​ 
  • Technical and functional consultancy on PSS integration 
  • DevOps, Configuration and release management support​ 
  • Performance analysis, improvement and monitoring of the e-commerce platform across touchpoints​ 
  • Automated the complete business process for various booking flows​ 

Delivering More Value

Coforge used a consultative approach to bring the following features and benefits to the client:

  • 69% revenue from direct channels​ 
  • A personalized and seamless experience for users across platforms and touchpoints
  • 4% increase in overall passenger revenue 
  • 5 % increase in ancillary revenues

The Coforge Advantage

With its extensive experience in delivering digital e-commerce solutions for over 50 airlines around the globe, Coforge was able to develop and integrate multiple e-commerce solutions for the client. This was done at a superior pace and agility compared to industry standards resulting in a rapid and smooth transition to markets. ​ 

With its expertise in providing an ‘emotionally empathetic experience’ to end customers at every point of their journey, Coforge was able to develop solutions that provide a hyper-personalized, seamless, and integrated experience across touchpoints. ​ 

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