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Migration to COMARCH LOYALTY platform for a large European Airline


The key objective of the client was to migrate their existing home-grown loyalty management program to a single Comarch loyalty platform. Comarch Loyalty Management is one of the best-in-class loyalty platforms offering major components such as contact center, business administration, business intelligence & reporting, API for integration to digital channels, and data hub for batch processing. Coforge was contacted to test and validate the loyalty platform in a short span. Coforge successfully enabled the client’s migration to the new Comarch loyalty platform. 

About the client

The client is a leading carrier in the world's largest international aviation market and the premier European carrier across the North Atlantic, transporting more than 40 million passengers a year. 

Business Challenge

The client's existing infrastructure was a home-grown loyalty management platform. The client required its different operating companies (OpCo) loyalty programs to a single Comarch loyalty platform. Comarch, one of the best-in-class loyalty platforms, was chosen to be implemented as a single loyalty system across OpCos of the group. 

Our Solution

Cofoge Team was involved in validating the Comarch Loyalty Management (CLM) base product. Enhancements were done to cater to the requirements from different client OpCos. The validation of the CLM product was done by running scripts.  

Coforge was able to: 

  • Validate CLM APIs, executing functional tests (manual) on the CLM CC to ensure the contact center business needs are met 
  • Validate business rules in business administration 
  • Test the CLM BI & Reporting module 
  • Validate different user-profiles and configurations 
  • Validate integration of digital channels (AGL - Avios, Aer Lingus & Vueling) 
  • Ensure offline data via batch processes for both airline and non-airline partners.   
  • The various functionalities of grouping loyalty management platform include:   
  • Requirement gathering & analysis, interface requirements & testing microservices   
  • Quality Analysis and testing (implementation, data migration, Integration, (Non-functional-security, performance, vulnerability, load, and penetration testing), regression, Microservices, loyalty management testing).   
  • Implementation of dry-run and user acceptance testing support   
  • Enrolment and login including member, agent, business admin, and partners   
  • Manage customer, partners (Airline and Non-Air partners), points, orders, and program  
  • Reporting, Billing, and reconciliation   

Delivering More Value

  • Significant reduction in the cost of ownership and improved time to market   
  • Quick resolution and delivery within stringent timelines   
  • Simplified decision-making process   
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