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Business Advisory SME Kapil Jain explains how Coforge is helping clients adapt to the “New Normal” – Adoption of the virtual Office

The COVID-19 pandemic has seriously impacted businesses globally. As governments and organisations work hard to enable businesses to restart; there is a growing realization that the world will have to adapt to a new paradigm. The way in which people and organizations interact has changed, as we emerge from the lockdowns it will be the businesses that adapt quickly that will have the competitive advantage.

We believe that the crisis will have a long-lasting impact on established IT operating models. Traditional models were centred around centralized work locations, be it company offices, offshore delivery centres; with BCP/DR processes and technology designed for localised and short-term non-availability of facilities. Firms were not wrong in this approach and were able navigate through events like volcanic eruptions, weather disruptions, terrorist activity, sub-prime crisis; with the businesses able to quickly adapt and restart their normal operations post crisis. COVID-19 has shown that this model is no longer viable.

The crisis has forced companies to start thinking about new ways of working, to ideate on what the ‘new normal’ is going to be.

At Coforge we have defined the ‘new normal’ for IT operations by defining and instantiating the virtually distributed IT operating model (VDIOM). This new operating model has enabled us to provide services irrespective of where the people are located; it doesn’t matter whether they are centrally located in an office or distributed 4 km, 400km or 4000km apart. The experience offered is identical for everyone irrespective of their work location.

VDIOM has 2 core components; one is the Virtual delivery centre that enables configuration of the key service lines, the other enables the operational capabilities of the delivery centre but in the virtual world.

VDIOM enables the complete replication of your working environment in a secured manner thereby enabling key staff to work uninterrupted; just as they would operate within a traditional operating model.

The virtual delivery centre is further powered by the virtual office. This replicates the working environment, meaning that teams can collaborate. It also enables real time reporting, incorporating advanced governance capabilities enabling the end-to-end management of services.

In summary, VDIOM:

Enables 60% of IT workforce to work remotely Enables seamless collaboration between teams Provides a secure operating environment Reduces overhead cost Provides real-time reporting and planning Provides transparency on productivity and operations Enables ‘One team many locations” model
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