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Blockchain Powered Loyalty Program

A Blockchain-based solution that enables Organizations, subsidiaries and partners to increase revenue by sharing their customer base for a loyalty program in a secure & trusted way without replacing their existing programs.

Coforge has designed a Blockchain based Loyalty program solution to help customers and organizations to boost their strength and capability in dealing with loyalty programs. This solution helps to bring multiple organizations who are part of a single alliance but maintaining different loyalty programs, on common platforms to maintain and exchange loyalty rewards. It helps to establish a smooth process to earn & burn rewards points among multiple organizations. Using Blockchain smart contract capability, the solution enables easier & efficient reconciliation and settlement process. It helps to establish a secure, transparent & autonomous Loyalty program that will maintain the privacy of user’s data & provides the ability to exchange loyalty rewards across organizations & brands. It also helps to increase brand value and customer trust.

Solution Need

In the organization's alliance, each organization is maintaining individual loyalty programs with complex registration processes and rules which decrease customer enthusiasm for being part of the program. It also burdens customers to maintain multiple loyalty programs that demotivate them and cause less redemption for loyalty points. Having a lower redemption rate increase organization liabilities. It also burdens higher costs on organization to maintain & execute loyalty programs.


  • Streamlined account management
  • Common platform to access loyal customer data across various brands
  • Customer data security
  • Ability to redeem Loyal rewards across different organization and brands
  • Flawless and quicker customer on-boarding on loyalty program


  • Consistent loyalty rewards redemption
  • Cost reduction to maintain & execute loyalty program
  • Access to loyal customers data across various organizations and brands
  • Gain customer trust
  • Boast-up brand value
  • Reduced fraud risk by having a single source of truth
  • Decrease in organization liabilities

Technology Stack

Hyperledger Fabric, NodeJs, Azure Cloud, CouchDB, Ubuntu 16.04 OS

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