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AI driven Air Waybill (AWB) recognition


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is continuously empowering air cargo services to enhance operational efficiencies and increase responsiveness to customers.

Air cargo transportation is complex and operates on a much tighter timeframe than passenger flights. In addition, accurate handling of the individual goods is the top priority for air cargo carriers. Hence, shipping of goods by air requires several important documents. Air Waybill (AWB) is one of the most important document that accompanies goods and provide detailed information about the shipment. Often users have to manually read and type the AWB details from the cargo labels which impacts the timeline.


Coforge used AI and Machine Learning based solution to eliminate this tedious process and built a robust ondevice app with AI. The app can automatically recognise, validate and extract AWB from air cargo labels in real time. Users can instantly extract the information in less than one second with accuracy ranging between 95% - 100% in most cases.

The solution built uses Coforge document AI – IDP accelerator and Google based AI/ML features. It is optimized to run on mobile device and runs machinelearning models trained in the area of Computer Vision. The model processes the data on-device instead of sending it to the server for processing.

The solution also allow in responding quickly to the change in cargo label formats. This results in an increase in efficiency across the supply chain.


  • On-device implementation helped achieving low latency. This results in each AWB getting processed in sub second.
  • Extraction accuracy is higher than 95%, which eliminated the manual work.
  • Solution ensures data privacy, as the data does not leave the device and customer network.
  • Application has high availability, as it do not rely on network connectivity or cloud service.
  • Overall, the process achieved a cost reduction by 70%.
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