Overview – Contract Management Framework

What is Condor

Condor is an Enterprise Document and Contract Management System that intelligently orchestrates development, management and authoring of purpose specific documents. Users can create documents manually through a rich text editor or by using the word processor of their choice. An advanced Content Management Table allows users to search through the existing library of documents for relevant content, pick a section and drop it into the table to generate a new document.


Specialized Versioning of documents gives users the ability to create custom categories for specific purposes and dynamically group them by region, language or other custom specification.

Dynamic Content Management

Condor’s Dynamic Content Management tool allows users to assign a date for document revision or review which prompts automatic notifications when a specific deadline is approaching while an advanced “Find & Replace” capability allows fast and accurate updates to documents.

Find and Replace Users can search the

Users can search the entire content of all documents that have finalized, published and stored in the library through user-friendly interface. Advanced find and replace functionality enables users to identify key phrases and replace in bulk.

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