White Papers

  • Going Native with React Native

    Developing an efficient app can be time-consuming and expensive. Involvement of multiple platforms makes this task further challenging. This thought paper shares key insights about React Native app development framework and the benefits it provides to app developers.

  • Creating Superior Travel Experiences with Empathetic and Responsive Solutions

    Airlines industry is experience driven and customers are willing to pay more for extra convenience and comfort. This thought paper explains how you can leverage technology to achieve the dual aim of enhancing traveler experience and boosting revenue.

  • Assessing the State of Mobile App Security

    The majority of mobile apps in use these days manifest a deficient approach to addressing information security. Organizations must adopt a robust incident monitoring plan that leverages the best practices of mobile app security to deliver trustworthy apps and ensure swift recovery from CyberSecurity incidents.

  • Better Mobile App Adoption Through Instant Apps

    App users expect high-end features without any compromise on speed or excessive demands on resources. Instant Apps effectively enable better user engagement by providing required functionalities in a modular way without making huge demands on resources like memory or CPU.

  • Reshaping the Future of Flyer Experience

    Personalization is a prerequisite for travelers today. Leveraging technology to offer interactive, intelligent, individual, and context-specific passenger experiences throughout the journey lifecycle is the key to success for airlines.

  • Rethinking Traditional Infrastructure Outsourcing

    Ever since Traditional Outsourcing has gone almost extinct, enterprises are focusing on investing more on the next-generation service providers that can transform IT operations, and provide agility to match the ever-changing dynamics of business. This paper highlights how and why traditional infrastructure outsourcing market is shrinking dramatically. It also explains how the new age vendors can adapt to new technology to provide benefits to Gen 2.0 clients.

  • 3-D QA Framework for Testing AI-infused Conversational Interfaces

    As Chatbots and other conversational interfaces are deployed, the testing approaches need to undergo a sea change. Performance considerations like Conversational Flow, Deep localization, Latency and Security need to become a critical focus. Learn about our 3-D QA Framework for Testing AI-infused Conversational Interfaces. It is a comprehensive, end-to-end framework that covers various dimensions like channel integration, conversation flows, and monitoring. The assurance of these dimensions is accelerated by various native conversation test accelerators.

  • Unlocking the Wealth within the Advisor-Investor Relationship

    Generation D—the digital generation—is educated and digital literates who represent $ 27 trillion in net worth. They are more comfortable using digital tools—making wealth management more complex. In order to deliver a superior customer experience at every touchpoint, new age customers are looking for digitally enabled advisors with integrated organizational systems, which can provide prospects and clients a superior experience at every stage of the customer life cycle.

  • Reimagining the Role of Investment Advisors

    Research reveals there is no single, integrated solution available in the market that meets the needs of the advisors. It clearly indicates that advisors have to customize or buy a solution based on the needs of their customers. New age customers are looking for an ideal advisor portal for their all-round financial needs. Ideal advisor portals enable advisors to become truly mobile, enhancing their sales effectiveness, and overall ability to service customers.

  • Cut the Bloat - Right-Size Your Application Portfolio

    Just as organizational needs evolve, compounded by economic uncertainty, deficient IT alignment, mergers and acquisitions, and compliance pressures, organizations become a hub of legacy applications and redundant processes. These applications are often sub-optimal, create information silos, have incompatible technologies, and an unmanageable application portfolio. Therefore, it is necessary to create an application strategy that rationalizes organizations’ legacy portfolio and prepare them for emerging business requirements.

  • Creating a Smarter Travel Experience

    Traditionally, frequent business travelers have used travel management companies (TMCs) to make and manage all travel bookings. However, with the exponential growth in mobile devices, travel companies need to leverage mobility to provide services throughout the journey and enhance customer experience. Sounds simple enough. Yet TMCs are finding it difficult to leverage mobility due to additional revenues. Find out how TMCs can use a cost-effective, integrated mobile itinerary platform to offer goods and services to their customers.

  • Digital Foresight - Preparing for the Future

    What innovative ways should marketers use to understand, collaborate, and influence consumers in the next generation of business? We believe the answer is digital foresight. We help our clients gain digital foresight by using advanced predictive analytics that enable them to understand, see, and anticipate the specific needs of their customers. It is equally important to understand that companies need to tap their Big Data for offering products and services that help customers spend smarter, rather than merely upselling.