White Papers

  • Transforming Operational Acceptance Testing

    Failure of systems at the end point is a prime concern for all organizations. During testing of a system, operational acceptance tests do not always receive due importance. Often, traditional testing is limited to functional and performance testing. Organizations need to collectively test infrastructure and applications to uncover all issues. This white paper talks about how companies can deal with downtime and achieve high availability through a metrics-driven approach for Operational Acceptance Testing.

  • Accelerate PSS Migration Testing through Smart Test Data Management

    Management of test data and test environment at all stages of testing makes PSS migration successful and paves the way for smooth airline operations. Effective test data management helps improve testing effectiveness and reduce the time and cost of providing high quality, safe test data for smooth PSS migration.

  • Upping the Insurance Data Security Game

    Security breaches in health insurance companies can result in a real catastrophe. The sensitive nature of electronic health information while it is stored or transmitted between entities demands the highest level of security. Therefore, insurance companies must ensure that security management processes are created and policies are administered to address security issues. They also need to ensure that prevention, detection, containment, and correction of security violations are in compliance with the HIPAA security rule.

  • Reinventing Traveler Experience with New Age Technology

    Mobile is driving expectations for superlative app experiences. Airlines need comprehensive and easily accessible mobile apps to achieve customer delight and stay on top of customer expectations. To achieve more context-aware, real-time, and personalized interactions, airlines must use advanced technology to take mobile apps to the next level. Learn how aligning technology to business strategy can help airlines build loyalty and brand awareness.

  • Delivering Personalized Services to Customers

    Historically, airlines need robust backend systems with the necessary infrastructure to bring in the personalization element. However, the success of such systems depends on the ability of airlines to understand the personality, attitude, situational need, and real-time location of their customers at all touchpoints. Hence, airlines are now focusing on delivering personalized services by cultivating a culture of delivering superior customer service.

  • New Age Asset - Airline Passenger Revenue Accounting

    Revenue accounting systems handle the worldwide sales of an airline, delivering data analytics and providing a competitive edge. These systems provide relevant, real-time information, and minute details required to check the performance of a single route, on a single day. This whitepaper takes you a step closer by offering ways to select the right revenue accounting system and stay ahead in an aggressive and challenging airline industry.

  • Building Risk-Averse Enterprises in the Travel Industry

    How well do you understand the impact of risks on travel enterprises? Do you know what data to analyze in order to identify risks? What is the way forward for travel enterprises? Read this whitepaper to get more insights.

  • De-risking Cyber Threats with Insurance

    Management of risks is an integral part of the insurance industry. Companies have succeeded in identifying and managing risks; however, the nature of risks has changed. Today, cyber-risks can destroy the business and its reputation because of rapid growth in the number of cyber attacks. Organizations need ways to manage cyber-risks outside of their risk appetite. Beyond providing insurance, insurance companies are using best practices and following regulations to strengthen insurer defenses against cyber attacks.

  • Airline Redux: How IoT is Set to Change Travel as We Know It

    Airlines need to leverage new technologies like the Internet of things (IoT) to exceed customer expectations. Transition from a reactive approach to one that governs every touch point across traveler journey is essential to make the journey truly memorable.

  • How Virtualization Can Make You an IT Powerhouse

    Virtualization is an important strategic decision and can transform your IT to meet business expectations and move organizations closer to dynamic IT. The paper takes an in-depth look at unique approaches to virtualization and how it offers businesses a choice when moving to a completely virtualized infrastructure.

  • IT Infrastructure Management: The Road to Transforming Business

    IT infrastructure management is an effective means to drive business transformation. Due to several challenges in managing IT infrastructure, service providers must devise an effective strategy and approach that involves complex systems and processes to maintain a competitive edge.

  • Delivering Personalized Digital Banking Experience

    Customers today prefer that banks understand their preferences and goals and use their data to deliver personalized services. Our digital personalization framework empowers financial institutions to build a platform that enables multiple components to work together. The solution offers contextual and relevant customer information to reach the right customer at the right time using the right marketing channel, leading to sustained revenue growth.