• Empowering Customers with Broad and Flexible Duck Creek Implementation Services

    Coforge provides Duck Creek implementation, and support and maintenance services to a range of P&C insurance service providers.

  • Risk Data Aggregation Framework for Complaints Analysis

    Coforge developed a risk data aggregation framework to ensure that informed decisions related to fair treatment of customers are taken by insurance providers throughout the product value chain.

  • Manage Loan Default Risks with Digital Foresight

    Learn more about 'Coforge Digital Foresight', a Financial Intelligence solution that tags, tracks, and reports in real time the rapidly emerging credit risk to the financial institutions, at the individual credit level.

  • Smarter, Fully Integrated MonaLisa Suite for Airlines

    The airlines business is transforming into one of the most complicated, competitive, and vulnerable businesses in the world. At Coforge we understand this and have developed a host of solutions that airlines can leverage across their value chain.

  • Delivering Reliable and Robust Duck Creek QA Services

    Insurers believe that quality assurance should be the final step of the implementation and maintenance and support process to ensure IT systems do not fail. Coforge backed by Duck Creek testing experts, best-in-class testing framework, and tools for both manual and automation testing, ensures that glitches are identified and rectified before the system goes live.

  • Smart Enterprises Keep Raising The Bar

    Coforge's IT infrastructure service vision of Empathetic Experiences and concentrated focus on Smart IT Operations and orchestration of best-fit IT Infrastructure solutions has enabled us to transition to a new age. Our strong service culture grounded on delivering an enhanced service experience remains underpinned by intelligent automation capabilities.

  • Enabling Organizations to Transform Business for Growth

    The environment in which the CFOs operate is constantly changing. In addition to the portfolio of traditional finance and accounting (F&A) services, they now find themselves dealing with the evolving market conditions, time-consuming and manual business transactions, and regulatory compliance. This is where Coforge steps in, acting as a catalyst by accelerating the transformation. Our comprehensive portfolio of traditional F&A services not only integrates key business processes but also complies with the latest regulations, maximizes business profitability, and reduces the cost of managing them.

  • Security Testing - Ensure Complete Business Integrity

    Coforge's Security Testing services are available across the entire spectrum of the software development life cycle (SDLC). Our three-pronged approach for security testing ensures total client satisfaction and minimal security risks. This unique approach for testing of Web applications and software helps enterprises protect assets from emerging security threats.

  • Laying the Foundation for Client Centricity

    "Customer is king" is an adage that assumes significance in banking and financial services. Financial services institutions, therefore, need a holistic solution that simplifies and streamlines the customer onboarding time. Coforge, with extensive knowledge and experience of working with leading financial services firms, helps deliver a compliant, efficient client onboarding solution that provides the best possible beginning to client relationships.

  • Drive Successful Releases with Operational Acceptance Testing Services

    With mounting pressure to build and release new business applications faster, Coforge provides Operational Acceptance Testing (OAT) services that improve the testing processes by unlocking new efficiencies across the test lifecycle. We offer three types of techniques/methodologies to deliver OAT testing. These methodologies have helped us examine how clients’ testing processes can be optimized, efforts reduced, and go-live of the applications accelerated.

  • Enabling Financial Institutions to Leverage Data as an Asset

    Financial firms are spending millions of dollars on aligning and centralizing financial data to make informed decisions about growth, products, and inherent risks. Despite significant effort and expense, financial data has multiplied far beyond the realm of an enterprise, and in fact, seems unmanageable. Coforge 'on-demand utility service model' reduces the cost of reference and master data, and enables transformation of inaccurate data into clean, rules-driven, and enterprise-wide useful information.

  • Transforming Contract Loading Services with Quality, Scale, and Efficiency

    Coforge delivers highly efficient, standardized, and automated contract loading services to travel and destination management companies. With in-depth understanding of varied contracts and changing pricing trends, we can manage your most complex processes efficiently—reducing your time-to-market.