• Contract Management Framework

    Condor is an Enterprise Document and Contract Management System that intelligently orchestrates development, management and authoring of purpose specific documents. Users can create documents manually through a rich text editor or by using the word processor of their choice.

  • Pega DevOps Service Offering

    Coforge ‘s Pega DevOps Service Offering delivers end-to-end Pega DevOps, and through Coforge’s unique expertise, drives DevOps adoption and best practices in your organization. Leveraging our DevOps suite of solutions along with our expertise and cutting edge services, we ensure you are deriving maximum value from your DevOps investments, whilst providing ongoing maintenance and governance throughout the process.

  • Rapid - Optimize the prioritization and dispatch of work orders

    Businesses that need to optimize their field operations have a significant challenge when trying to provide a comprehensive and real time view of asset and location health metrics.

  • Virtual Lead System Architect

    Pega AI based Virtual LSA powered by Pega WebChat, Pega NLP, Pega RPA and Pega Knowledge to perform a thorough review of Pega applications remotely – enhancing code quality and developer efficiency.

  • Security & Access Management Framework for Appian Applications

    Coforge’s SAM framework enables organizations to accelerate their development processes by reducing the efforts involved in creating user management modules for Appian applications. The Appian based application provides the creation of user and role functionality without updating single lines of code in the existing application. SAM also provides a role functionality matrix with one click security control and an export/import role functionality matrix.

  • Smart Document Processing for Appian

    Everyone wants to get processes into their organization. Whether you’ve been using Appian for 5+ years or are just starting out, you still have areas where process hasn’t taken hold. It’s often for the same reason: ROI.


    Coforge‘s Appian Practice delivers custom applications, leveraging the latest Appian versions and its features to help organizations achieve optimum return on their Appian investment.

  • COB - Customer  On-boarding Framework

    Coforge’s award winning Customer On-boarding Framework leverages Appian’s Enterprise Application Platform to streamline, accelerate and enhance your customer’s digital on-boarding experience. The framework utilizes the power of the Appian workflow engine to ensure smooth configurable workflow and rules that enable business users to navigate through the on-boarding journey with ease.

  • ACD - Appian Continuous Delivery Framework

    Coforge’s ACD solution provides a Continuous Delivery Framework enabling organizations to respond to increasing business demands by delivering regular releases with a faster time to market. The framework uses Appian’s Process Management capabilities to orchestrate and automate the application release process.

  • Pega Digital Process Automation Practice

    Designed to perform a thorough review of Pega applications remotely, providing real-time suggestions to developers during the implementation cycle – enhancing code quality and developer efficiency.


    Set-up of Ansible tower scripts to automate the infrastructure provisioning including the VMs, Application Servers and Pega Platform installation for DEV, QA, SIT, UAT and PROD environments. DevOps and CI/CD setup on the Cloud leveraging open source tools like Jenkins, GitHub, Nexus and integrating them with Pega Platform services for DevOps

  • Anti-Counterfeiting in Pharma Supply Chain

    The menace of counterfeit drugs have plagued the Pharma industry for long. In addition to taking income from consumers and drug companies, counterfeit drugs can cause serious health hazards to patients. In this age of growing consumerism, leaving this hurdle unaddressed can hamper the brand image and good will of an enterprise.