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Legacy Modernization

As per a recent poll by Travel Technology Europe, legacy systems are the biggest barrier to transformation and modernization in the travel industry. Being very inflexible and resistant to change, Legacy systems are expensive to operate, support and enhance. The cost and time to implement new functionality and change requirements in legacy systems are quite high. Additionally, from an IT perspective, these systems are difficult to monitor, control, and are susceptible to numerous security issues.

It is, therefore, imperative for travel technology companies to look at modernization of these systems to bring in the agility, flexibility, speed and scale which is needed to run the business and meet the growing industry demands.

However before embarking on such a journey, it is important to understand the underlying complexities, business criticalities and dependencies whilst ensuring that stability of these application components is not compromised at any cost in this process of modernization. Based on our 3 decades of domain expertise and practice focused on legacy modernization, we have successfully delivered multiple mainframe offload and legacy modernization projects for multiple clients.

Coforge has a multidimensional assessment model for modernization assessment based on which our experts provide detailed application-specific recommendations and a modernization roadmap covering the overall strategy, costs, timelines, risks, dependencies and solution roadmap. With deep experience of executing similar programs, we focus on building low risk modernization, migration and cut over strategies to ensure program success in the given timeframe without hampering the stability of existing operations.

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