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Global weather patterns are more unpredictable than ever. Firms continue to experience costly technology outages due to catastrophic weather events like cyclones, hurricanes, floods, and tornados.

  1. Forward-thinking I&O pros need to account for such disasters in their planning and proactively prepare a comprehensive DR plan — yet most do not. I&O pros lag because they don’t document every possible recovery plan corresponding to disasters that can hit them.
  2. Two-thirds of I&O pros test their recovery plans annually or less frequently.
  3. Even though businesses increasingly rely on technology and know that long outages can cost them dearly, they don’t leverage automation tools and procedures for a speedier recovery.
  4. As a result, only a slim majority feels prepared for major disruptions.

Situation: Chennai Airport Was Underwater And Quickly Losing Power

On December 3, 2015, Chennai experienced its heaviest rainstorm in a century. Massive flooding submerged the entire city, incapacitating its infrastructure. At Chennai International Airport, water not only engulfed the tarmac and bays, but the entire facility, blocking any movement in or out; the airport quickly lost power.

In the Chennai data center, the Airports Authority of India (AAI) runs a highly critical application, the airport management system (AMS), for functions including airport operations, passenger service, airline communication, and revenue generation. If this data center loses power and connectivity, AMS goes down, and airport operations must resort to daunting manual processes to manage their facilities. Hence, recovering this business-critical application is imperative; all operations teams must race against the clock to deliver seamless service to all stakeholders.

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