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Innovation Lab As A Service

Coforge provides Innovation Lab-as-a-Service through its various Labs and Design studios set up in 5 locations across India, UK, and US offices. Our design studios & labs provide best-in-class infrastructure, tools, devices, and platforms to co-create and innovate. Over the last year, the design studios have been used for 60+ client events. Supporting these events are more than 30 experts experienced in running design thinking, hackathons, etc. Coforge supplements this service with its partner QGLUE, having 25+ experts in problem identification, solving & transformation.

As part of our continuous endeavor to improve our services, Coforge has an emerging tech studio for quantum computing that explores potential use cases, along with R&D efforts to ensure ongoing engagement with emerging technologies.

Our Innovation-as-a-Service offering ranges from “kaizens to transformation” to “building an innovation culture”. Our services can be used to:

  • Create a unique competitive advantage
  • Exploit for quick, time-tested, working solutions for sandboxing experiments
  • Ideate for business use cases.
  • Our digital experts help you identify the best solutions and use cases to kickstart your innovation or transformation journeys.

We leverage our engineering platform Digital Foundry to provide customers and prospects a virtual studio of plug-and-play digital assets that ensure fast engineering. The studio provides digital assets that can be integrated with enterprise apps to power quick, quality, engineered solutions that address business problems. Our studio labs include:

  • DX Studio:Digital Experience Platforms, Digital Knowledge workers, Contextual Digital and Social Marketing
  • Integration Studio:Modernization, API Management, BPM Platforms
  • Data Studio:Data Extraction Tools, Data Management, Knowledge Graphs, Data Quality and Classification, AI & Machine Learning
  • Cognitive Studio:Business Process Intelligent Automation, Service Desk Automation, Zero Touch Processing
  • Cloud Studio:Multi-Cloud Strategy, Cloud Migration Solutions, Cost Optimization Strategies, DevOps and PaaS Solutions
  • Quality Engineering:User Experience Testing Frameworks, Cloud Testing Frameworks, NFR Testing Solutions, DONE Assessment Framework
  • Blockchain Studio:Supply Chain Solutions, Identity Management, Contract Management Solutions

Each asset on the Foundry includes a solution development kit and solution guide to help jumpstart solution building. The kit comes with a reference architecture, developer tools comprising frameworks, templates, and customizable user interfaces to quickly install, build, and customize these solutions.

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