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Digital Services

Airports today need real-time insights and intelligence to improve punctuality of operations and faster turnaround times. Through smart mobile apps, increased use of automation, seamless integration of cloud and data analytics, Airports can deliver improved check-in kiosk experiences, smart terminal management and baggage handling to passengers. All this while handling a smooth inside airport experience even with flight disruptions and changing scenarios.

Coforge works at helping customers embrace effortless digital interaction by:

  • Increased levels of Airport Automation for minimal customer interactivity
  • Enhancing customer self-service options including contactless kiosks and increased mobile adoption
  • Cognitive and intelligent automation to improve operational efficiency and better customer interactions
  • In its efforts to extend a helping hand for ease of check-in at customer airports, Coforge has partnered with online verification platform APPII to develop and deploy a digital health passport solution that helps determine and verify the health status of an individual.

Coforge transformed customer self check-in experience at airports across the world by deploying microservices based check-in middleware in a cloud-first approach. Another successful implementation by Coforge was the deployment of gesture-enabled check-in software at an Indian airport.

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