Contactless Check-in

Airports need to adapt their strategy that can help risk free and contactless travel to survive in a slow-growth recovery.

Coforge works at helping customers embrace "new normal" which calls for Contactless Customer Interaction with:

  • Increased levels of Airport Automation for minimal customer interactivity
  • Enhancing customer self service options including contactless kiosks and increased mobile adoption
  • Cognitive and intelligent automation to improve operational efficiency and better customer interactions

In its efforts to extend a helping hand for ease of check-in at customer airports, Coforge has partnered with online verification platform APPII to develop and deploy a digital health passport solution that helps determine and verify the health status of an individual.

Coforge transformed customer self check-in experience at airports across the world by deploying microservices based check-in middleware in a cloud first approach. Another successful implementation by Coforge was the deployment of gesture-enabled check-in software at an Indian airport.

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