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Passenger Flow Monitoring

Real-Time monitoring of Social Distancing using Live CCTV / Video Industries across the globe are looking at making their workplaces safer post-COVID pandemic. There are locations within a workplace where employees tend to congregate like the coffee station, cafeteria, and hallway, where it is difficult to monitor staff. There are different approaches to ensure social distancing by using ground markers, Bluetooth-enabled devices that give haptic feedback if it finds a nearby device too close, or even manual monitoring.

It’s not always possible to enforce strict use of such mobile devices or deploy staff to monitor this. ThirdEye – Coforge’s solution

Monitoring distance between people is a computer vision problem and can be done 24x7 with minimal manual intervention. We have developed an accelerator – “Inspection AI” which can estimate a bird’s eye view of the area in real-time using CCTV cameras and can predict the distance between detected people in inches/feet.

With its real-time AI backbone (our “ThirdEye” accelerator for computer vision), the solution can be extended to send real-time alerts/notifications, generate floor density heat maps, and enable analysis trends of how well social distancing is maintained in the area. Since CCTV cameras are mostly installed in corners and they capture 2D frames in videos, images cannot be directly used for estimating distances. It’s necessary to use Computer Vision / AI techniques to detect people’s position and distance in a virtual bird’s eye view.

ThirdEye uses CCTV feed of an area to find people, and estimate the distance between them in real-time.

The solution requires an initial calibration to tell the system about the scene’s perspective and how to scale pixels to distance.

Key Benefits

  • Keeping people healthy & safe in times of a global pandemic (COVID-19)
  • Can be applied to factories and warehouses where people (using heavy/dangerous equipments) must keep a safe distance
  • Help in opening up businesses. Enforcing regulatory compliance in public health & safety (some countries)

About ThirdEye

ThirdEye is an AI platform from Coforge for building, managing, and analyzing Computer Vision-related problems using machine learning and deep learning.

ThirdEye comprises

  • Distributed Architecture which can be deployed on Cloud or On-Premises
  • Built using 100% Open Source technologies and Coforge’s Tech Computer Vision Accelerator
  • Built to support streaming content ingestion as well as RT insight generation capabilities
  • Highly Scalable & Real-Time Architecture
  • Simplified set up with initial one-time Calibration
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