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Customer Experience and Commerce

Experience is what truly drives the Travel Industry! Over the years, traveller’s expectations have changed and travellers are expecting a seamless, smooth, hassle-free and personalized travel journey. As per a latest IATA survey, 88% of passengers today are willing to share data for a seamless and smooth travel. Technologies like web 3.0, commerce, AI & analytics are enabling us to quickly adapt and meet these growing customer expectations. Getting real time data insights on customers, their preferences along with operational data on flight operational sources and social & other third party data together can enable us to build unique personalized experiences across channels.

At Coforge, we have developed a proven strategy through design thinking, prototyping, testing and optimisation to help our customers build best-in-class experiences. Our digital and design teams represent the desired look and feel of the end-user customer experience and translate the essential elements of the client brand to the digital experience elements that shape the end experience.

Few of our key offerings include:

  • Building the data personalization strategies and roadmaps
  • CX initiatives, customer 360 degree and omni-channel experiences
  • E-Commerce and Mobility applications
  • Digital Marketing - including campaign management, promotions, and content management
  • Customer segmentation and customer data models
  • Loyalty solutions covering end to end management of loyalty currencies across accrual, redemption, and validity, business rules and notifications
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