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Contactless Check In

Airlines across the world are implementing new solutions to enable contactless Journey for passengers. With advancement in technology airlines need to facilitate touchless kiosks in the form of voice or gesture-enabled solutions.

Coforge provides gesture-enabled contactless check-in kiosks. The solution enables a safe and smooth conversation with travelers via a short questionnaire. The machine-learning-based model uses gesture tracking to capture responses. Based on the response, the traveler is granted access to the kind of services he needs.

The kiosks can be trained to identify a multitude of gestures, process the image, and train the gesture recognition model.

Based on a microservices based middleware, Coforge has implemented self check-in kiosks for leading airlines and enabled several new functionalities including

  • Rebooking flow
  • Increased self-service capabilities including visa scan, disruption handling, and Seat selection
  • Check-in capability for group passengers
  • Integration with Payments for enabling ancillary sales
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