Digital simplicity is one of the keys to success for Life Sciences industry. Technology landscape across the industry’s value chain is evolving rapidly with a multitude of non-traditional data sources further adding to the complexity. In this intricate web of digital points, commercial products and systems, specifically crafted for Life Sciences industry, Coforge adds convenience and eases the burden for all stakeholders involved – be it patients, employees or vendors.

Our experience in Life Sciences domain-specific products can streamline processes such as study startup, clinical data management, TMF, clinical trial management, product surveillance, case intake, and CRM to name a few. We handhold our customers through transformation across key functions of Research & Development, Sales & Marketing , Pharmacovigilance, Procurement, and Manufacturing. We have built capabilities on platforms such as Veeva and SAP and can guide you in adopting these products for your enterprise in any of the following areas:

  • Product Assessment services
  • Product implementation services
  • Product integration services with other internal systems
  • Product and Data migration services
  • Managed Services
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