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Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring

Healthcare providers need next-gen digital technology solutions for increased adoption of virtual care, telehealth, and remote monitoring solutions by clinicians and patients. Good clinician and patient experience is the key reason behind the success and failure of these apps and need end-to-end digital capabilities with a human-centric design approach and deep clinical workflow experience. Coforge offers advanced digital engineering capabilities and services to help providers adopt and roll out advanced telehealth and remote patient monitoring capabilities for enhanced patient and clinician experience. Digital Front Door solutions for registrations, check-ins, appointments, and payments.

  • Web and mobile app development for video visits and virtual care
  • Integration with EHRs, Payer, and eRx systems
  • Remote patient monitoring solution development capturing patient vitals and other health indicators and sharing it with providers seamlessly.
  • Cloud Data platforms and Analytics for alerts, reminders, and population health management
  • Cybersecurity solutions for secure capture, transmission, and storage of patient data

Coforge’s Telemedicine Platform framework includes key features of Patient Engagement in Virtual consulting and the related upstream and downstream integration services ably supported by Modular Architecture, Microservices orientation, Queue Handling and Message persistence , Code Repositories, API Governance and other services.

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