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Remote Patient Monitoring and IoT

Remote Patient Monitoring constitutes of bed-side and wearable devices used at home or in any non-clinical setting allowing patient health information sharing in a near real-time basis with providers. Smart sensors and IoT technologies have accelerated the innovation in the area and we now observe new innovations coming out regularly to proactively monitor patients’ health across several diseases and health categories e.g. CGM for Diabetics and EKG for heart patients. With the power of cloud and AI/ML technologies, it is much easier to gather and harness this sensor data streamed in real-time leveraging IoT technologies and generating meaningful insights and alerts to share with care providers to take any necessary interventions. Such health data and alerts when integrated with clinical workflows and EHR systems have the power to transform the way care is delivered today. Coforge’s IoT and Data & Analytics teams can be your true partner in your RPM and IoT adoption.

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