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Provider Data Analytics

Providers have invested heavily in EHRs and other departmental systems of records over the years. While the structured dataset residing in these systems of records are good for BI, reporting and descriptive analytics, the true potential of today’s big data technologies can only be leveraged when providers build data platforms to manage and harness all kind of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data available with them. Such Big Data platforms also help in building futuristic systems of intelligence allowing your Data scientists with toolkits to perform predictive and prescriptive analytics. Coforge’s Big Data Engineering and Data Science teams are working at the cutting-edge of these technologies for our clients and can help you solve your most complex data and analytics problems, such as:

  • Better risk stratification of patient population for care management
  • Bed management and Patient flow management in hospitals
  • Reduction in Emergency Department usage and Hospital readmissions
  • Optimizing patient’s lengths of stay and care pathways leveraging historical data
  • Diagnostics decision making for Clinical decision support

AI & Data Insights

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