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Digital Care Management

A major shift in the healthcare delivery industries’ patient care is to offer integrated care to individual patient and populations based on specific categories and regions to improve the quality of care and optimize cost of care.

Care Management services are going through significant disruption and the key influencers of the disruption are listed below –

  • Pandemic/Infectious disease progression is accelerating Telehealth/Telemedicine based Patient Engagement.
  • Pandemic/Infectious disease is further accelerating the focus on Population Health.
  • Digital Front Door based Patient Experience Management is offering a complete Patient experience with handling focus right from the point of entry of the Patient in to the Health System.
  • EHR, SDoH and other data available through various sources and services along with expansion of regulations and guidelines in quality of care measurements warranting revamp of the care management process. Interoperability mandates are enabling information sharing and aiding in aggregating needed data for complete care.
  • AI/ML and other emerging technologies are opening up doors and increasing Patients expectations and needs relating to engaging with providers on health and offering better visualization of care gaps and other critical aspects that need to be managed.
  • Value based contracts and Value Based care are contributing significantly to performance and patient care focus of Healthcare Providers.

With all of the above influencers and drivers, need for transforming Care management in Care Delivery set up is very crucial and is the need of the hour.

Coforge has been focusing and investing in Care Management needs of Health systems/Providers to address the needs of transformation with domain and technology capabilities to upgrade the Healthcare Provider capabilities in offering the best-of-breed care management services to their patients and population.

Coforge partnered with Zeomega, an industry renowned Care Management platform vendor, to offer Care Management platform to the Healthcare Providers/Health systems for Provider Transformation.

Coforge’s extremely strong digital transformation services capabilities complement the Partner Platform offerings in ensuring that Healthcare provider will be able to offer best of breed services in:

  • Advanced Patient Engagement and experience management front door
  • Population Level Health Management
  • Infectious Disease Management
  • Patient Level health Management
  • Pinpointing Population and patient Level Health improvement opportunities through care gap analytics and other means
  • Managing Care Transition of patients effectively with Intelligent collaboration tools
  • Interoperability based connected Health and Data aggregation for accurate and complete business intelligence
  • Regulatory compliance and reporting requirements



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