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Modern lending is about digitalization, enabling borrowers to apply for loans online and offline seamlessly. Automated underwriting using AI and data analytics speeds up approval processes. Decentralized finance (DeFi) and peer-to-peer lending platforms are gaining traction, offering alternative lending options.

At Coforge, we have developed Loan Origination Systems (LOS) and Loan Management Systems (LMS) for numerous banking and financial institutions serving retail and corporate clients. Our cutting-edge IT solutions cater to modern banking needs, enabling new startups and FinTechs to conduct loan applications, disbursements, and maintenance digitally. We provide geo-based monitoring solutions on web and mobile platforms. Based on feedback from our global clients, we are recognized as pioneers in crafting next-generation banking products and services.

Our Salesforce practice is helping many Banks enhance their lending experience for clients. During Covid we helped banks build applications to enable bank customers to help themselves at various lending steps.

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