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Card Platform

Card platforms are robust, technologically advanced systems that facilitate seamless debit and credit card operations, ensuring secure payments, transaction authorizations, and dispute resolutions. Operating as the unseen driving force behind everyday purchases, these platforms manage millions of transactions with precision, reliability, and speed. The landscape of card platforms is continually evolving with the emergence of fintech innovations, introducing features such as contactless payments, mobile wallets, and real-time transaction alerts.

However, challenges do arise especially with legacy-based card platforms in terms of upscaling, maintaining high uptime, and deploying new features consistently. Coforge addresses these challenges by assisting clients in establishing Card and Account Management Services across various platforms, including Visionplus and other major card management systems. We empower customers to leverage card issuing platforms for creating, managing, and customizing debit and credit cards to suit their specific requirements. Our comprehensive solutions address challenges through proven innovations, automation, best practices, and agile processes. We extend our services to various platforms, including IBM mainframes, AS400, Linux, and Cloud, ensuring efficient management and seamless adaptation to evolving business needs.

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