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At Coforge, we understand the unique challenges faced by investment managers in today's rapidly evolving financial landscape. As a technology-focused consulting and outsourcing company, we are dedicated to empowering our clients with innovative solutions that drive growth, enhance operational efficiency, and maximize returns on investment.

We help accelerate our client’s Governance, Risk and Compliance objectives with Coforge's best of breed offerings. Our team of experts utilizes our accelerators and frameworks to provide custom solutions around GRC Policy, Strategy & Roadmap, Data Governance, Change Management, Analytics & Reporting. Our experience in the BFS industry coupled with deep domain knowledge enables us to create unmatched solutions that help our customers reduce exposure, improve institutional performance, governance and control while proactively managing regulatory compliance, leveraging GRC automation platforms and integrated monitoring services.

Here's how our technology consulting and outsourcing services can benefit Risk and Compliance officers in the asset and wealth management division:

  • Consulting: Our SMEs and consultants have in-depth knowledge of current and upcoming markets as well as regulatory imperatives that are critical to the GRC landscape. Our teams can help structure governance/risk frameworks, set up and run change management programs and offer process optimization solutions.
  • Product / Services: We offer best-of-breed GRC platforms through our in-house COPASYS platform and our partnerships with leading GRC technology/platform providers. We also offer Business Process Services to handle client-specific processes - e.g. KYC/AML, fraud prevention etc. - in a Managed Service model
  • Technology & Implementation: We offer cutting-edge technology solutions that are designed to optimize your operations and improve decision-making. From sophisticated data analytics and predictive modeling to data governance to cloud computing and artificial intelligence, our solutions enable you to harness the power of technology to drive business growth.

Partnering with Coforge ensures that you have a dedicated team of business SMEs and technology experts who are committed to driving your success. We collaborate closely with your internal teams, providing end-to-end support throughout the project lifecycle.

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