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A technology-enabled platform for property tax reports, certificates & municipal lien search reports to help title agents & investors achieve:

stopwatch (1)

Reports within 24 hours*
Exceed their turn time commitment by delivering faster than others

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Coverage across all 50 states
Expand their business footprint by taking on business from any county or state.


Certificates with guaranteed accuracy
Reduce risk exposure with the most up-to date information obtained from multiple sources.

Our professionals annually support: Over 5.1M Title related activities with 0.5M in Title Search & Exam, 3.9M in Typing/Indexing, 0.6M in Easement Plotting/Hyperlink and 200K tax and municipal lien certificates.  

Powered by 20+ years of industry experience, SmartTrak® is a web based platform with outstanding competitive pricing- standard, tiered, volume or batch rates.

  *Conditions apply

SmartTrak® solution includes

Managing volume surges using SmartTrak® tax reports

Case Study

Managing volume surges using SmartTrak® tax reports
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We have achieved

Title Search & Exam
Typing/ Indexing
Easement Plotting/ Hyperlink
tax and municipal lien certificates


Secure and accelerate your tax reporting using technology
with our Property Tax Platform - SmartTrak®

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