Prelim & commitment reports

Searching and examining the electronic title plant databases/ public records for the current and prior owners in the chain of title, deeds, mortgages, taxes, judgments and liens, bankruptcies and preparing the report.
Delivering 59% quicker & with 65% improved accuracy in property current owner search

Review quality check of initial disclosure

Review of fees, cost, and other documents to ensure accuracy and verify the defined disclosure timelines and guidelines are met.

Easement plotting

Plotting the PIQ and associated easements on a color-coded map.

Timeshares reporting

Review of PI intervals for Deed or Deed of Trust information in a subdivision.

Title agent operations

An end to end workflow solution for back-office title operations for title agents.

Property title search reports

Range of property reports with nationwide coverage. Our Search Reports cover Current Owner Search, Two Owner Search, Ownership & Encumbrance, Legal & Vesting, Deed & Mortgage, Liens & Judgement and TSG/REO.
Quality improvement of 23% & turn time by 5 hours in property search reviews

Order entry

Setting up the search order in the client’s production system


Keying data on the title production system from the title abstract in order to prepare the commitment report.
60% increase in volumes through improved turn times.

Deed report/legal description

Find a missing interest in or ownership of a property as part of the legal due diligence process and prepare a comprehensive report that shows deeds or chain of title between owners.


Identifying the re-conveyance on a title chain for the subject DOT/Mortgage and key in the same information in the client production system.

Legal/title/alpha indexing

Capturing legal description data, title information and other relevant details (grantor, grantee, book, page, instrument type, recording date, and legal description)
200% increase in productivity of title insurance data entry & indexing


Indexing the documents on the correct property index by interpreting the legal description on the documents that did not get posted initially.


Retrieving all the pertinent documents from the title plant using the recording information mentioned in the preliminary reports and hyperlinking the documents to the recording information within the Preliminary Report for the customer to retrieve the docs real time.

Plat/condo edits

Capturing re-platted and condominium information along with the legal information from documents to a database.

Current/delinquent tax information

Calling to verify current and delinquent tax information on a property. We also verify tax sale and bankruptcy information.

Property tax search

Quick and real-time search to determine the current status of real estate taxes against a property.

Municipal lien search

Research to discover unrecorded municipal liens, water and sewer, code violations, special assessments, utility, and open or expired permits issues that are associated with residential or commercial real estate.

Real time property tax certificates

Certificates for property tax, water/sewer and municipal code violations in solutions.

Tax, water sewer & municipal code violations

Nationwide real-time property tax and municipal lien certificates at the click of a button.
Avoid costly penalties from outstanding property taxes, code violations, etc.

End to end tax services (residential/commercial)

Provides end to end tax services for commercial/residential loans in solutions

Closing worksheet preparation

Prepare closing worksheet which will consist of closing fees, title fees, payoff, and escrow, etc – Verification against loan documents and origination system.
25% reduction in mortgage closing turn time.

Closing review

A comprehensive review of loan to check for outstanding conditions, and to verify that information is consistent, complete and matches the origination system.
37% reduction in closing pend rates for a large lender.

Post close review

Post close validation of documents to check all documents are complete, review of up to 45 documents for closed conventional, FHA/ VA (government) and investor loans to check for outstanding conditions, consistency and completeness.
85% reduction in mortgage post-closing “pend” errors.

Flood zone determination

Determination of the flood zone severity levels for any property using the Property Information Databases, GIS imaging, overlay software and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM). Additional calls to the local agencies if needed.


Document images received from closing agents via electronic transmission are sent to the recorder's office online for recording and the recorded copies of the documents to the closing agent.