Property & Casualty Insurance Services

We help our insurance customers improve efficiency in their business processes, continuously optimize customer experience while managing compliance & business risk and reducing costs.

Our suite of business process services, omnichannel contact center solutions, Quality Control CoE and data & analytics capabilities help insurance carriers, brokers and managing general agents transform their insurance operations and achieve:

100% adherence to compliance & business rules

Reduce business risk with Quality Control CoE offering automated & manual QC support

40% cost savings & 15% efficiency improvement

Increase efficiency & reduce costs with our business process services & global delivery model

Enhanced customer experience

Provide quicker response times with 24*7 omnichannel contact center services

Our professionals support: Processing of over 12M documents, data verification/QC of over 9M documents and over 2.3M contact center calls

Our Services

Business Impact Delivered

50% faster issuance of policies with expedited customer onboarding

  • Same day policy issuance (50% faster) after partnering with Coforge BPS
  • Consistently exceeding accuracy levels and turn time service levels
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction levels

Testing 100% of hazard insurance changes 20x faster with 100% accuracy

  • Reduction of time to complete QC from
    • 45 minutes to 3 minutes for non-participating flood test (20X faster)
    • 30 minutes to 3 minutes for flood zone change (20X faster)
  • 100% accuracy for test results, next steps, and corrective actions
  • CUSTOMIZED dynamic reporting with actionable insights and executive dashboards INTEGRATED to the Bank’s business requirements


In addition to our Property & Casualty Insurance Services,
our other solutions include: