Our banking support services combine extensive domain experience, business process services and technology to help banks operate at maximum efficiency, remain competitive and enrich the customer experience. We support over 600 banking processes.

We help Banks achieve:

  • 20% turn time improvement
  • 35% cost saving
  • 98% quality delivered consistently

Powered by over 20 years of industry experience, our Banking transformation solutions are trusted by several large and mid-size banks including 5 of the top 25 U.S. Banks.

Our professionals annually support: 480M lockbox entries, Day 1 & day 2 processing of 48M check items, over 1.5M card disputes processing, detection of $7M in card deposit fraud and prevention of $2M in mortgage fraud.

Our Services:

Payments and Treasury Management | Retail Banking and Wealth Management | Consumer Lending | Fraud Management | Risk Management | Commercial Lending

Payments and Treasury Management

Check Processing - Day 1 & Day 2 Processing

  • Day 1 Services: Item Processing - Provide exception handling for all image enabled automated scanning/ OCR functions. Data entry, balancing and reconciliation functions are the most common example of Item processing functions.

    Day 2 Services : Adjustments, Exceptions and Returns - Evaluate and correct errors like incorrectly encoded checks, duplicate/ countervailing requests, poor quality check images, posted twice

ACH Reconciliation & Disputes

  • ACH Returns & Research Requests: Investigation of ACH returns and adjustments to address open items

    ACH Disputes: Level 1 & Level 2 disputes, including for ACH transactions - Research, validation and entry of adjustments for merchant transactions.

Lockbox Processing

  • Retail - Process all exceptions generated by automated processing of checks from consumers for their payments to businesses. Evaluation of exception, correction of error, and payment processing

    Wholesale - Key in missing or wrong information, and process exceptions that prevent automated processing of business payments checks. Variety of checks supported.

Account/Product Setup

  • Setup and maintenance of products including Lockbox, ACH, Account Reconciliation (Positive Pay, Payee Positive Pay and Payee Name verification, CDA, Sweeps, Cash/Virtual vault, Commercial Cards, Zero Balance Accounts) and customer training on these products./li>

Retail banking and Wealth Management

Account Setup

  • Setup and maintenance of consumer accounts.

Statement and Check Support

  • Handling of customer requests like retrieval of current/archived statements and check copies. Retrieved documents emailed back to the customer.

Return Mail

  • Manage returned statements and other documents (due to incorrect address/ address change). Evaluation and entering any corrections, resending of statements.

Email Support

  • Email support for Retail Bank customers including handling Internet Banking queries

Centralized Request Management

  • Support for email requests of the bank's customers, including routing to appropriate group for resolution (e.g. handling of check or statement, credit references, incorrect payment application, errors in encoding).

Consumer Lending

Mortgage origination support

  • Improve processes and governance while lowering cost with ourMortgage origination support services.

Mortgage servicing and default support

  • Delight customers and achieve quicker turn time with our Mortgage servicing and default support services.

Fraud Management

Dormant Account Review

  • Review alerts on dormant accounts to ensure that the alert was due to a maintenance activity by the customer and not due to fraud

Sentry Alerts (Close Account due to Fraud in other Institution)

  • Review negative reporting alerts for suspected fraud activities for customers who might have opened an account in another financial institution

Authentication Alerts

  • Review authentication alerts to ensure that the alert was due to a maintenance activity during card reorder.

Potential ID Theft Alerts

  • Review alerts generated whenever a customer fills an application for a new Credit Card. Verify customer information mentioned on the application form to avoid account takeover issues.

New Account Review (Negative File)

  • Review each new credit card, checking or savings account against the list of fraud customers maintained by financial institutions

Risk Management

Senior Political Figure and Political Exposed Person

  • Screening to identify politically exposed person or senior political figure and report them to the FCC - Customer Due Diligence team so that they can work with the FCC Financial Intelligence Unit and FCC Investigations to assign the appropriate controls to mitigate any additional risk.

ACH and Wire Sanctions

  • Review ACH payment and wires that involves both sender and receiver’s name, addresses & fund transfer information against the watch list and stop the payment on potential matches if match is on any sanction party or country.

Negative News Search

  • Searching for negative news about a person or business and interrogation of public data sources and third-party data sources for negative news or broadcasts associated with an individual or company.

Enterprise Customer Information File

  • Analysis and research of the respective affiliates of a customer, to form a single consolidated customer view across the organization

Credit Bureau Update

  • Managing customer information and updating the Credit Bureau for card not reported and twice reported cases based on change requests

Customer Info Program Update

  • Entry of customer, account and related party information. Real-time analysis questionnaires to determine a customer's risk level

Financial Center Self-Assessment

  • Audits performed on all the branches across the Bank to ensure controls and procedures are followed for transactions like deposits, account opening, wire transfers, cash handling etc.

Commercial Lending

Statement Spreading

  • Better lending decisions by reclassifying client's financial statements into Moody's risk analyst template to analyse Probability of Default (PD) rating, financial ratios and periodic financial position.

Statement Tracking

  • Consistent tracking of company financial statements to ensure the lender has up to date information for financial decision making.

Loan & e-App Document Indexing

  • Quick and accurate indexing of loan documents, collaterals and credit memos for underwriting activity, according to the obligor numbers or the company names and collation for booking activity.

Reg Rating

  • Update refresh/ upgrade/ downgrade of Risk Rating on commercial loans based on a Credit Memo.

Loan Document Preparation

  • Verification of received documents and preparing them in the system, matching against correct commercial loan account in the loan origination system

Document Due Diligence

  • Doc preparation and due diligence of received documents in preparation for underwriting & closing.

Document Review

  • Review of executed documents for the loan and collateral to check for quality of imaging, and for completeness.

Post Booking QA

  • Quality control of loans boarded. Verification of collaterals, documentations review.

Post Close QA

  • Reviewing the commercial loan executed documents and verifying if collateral items have been properly setup and tracked.

Tax Servicing

  • Comprehensive end-to-end tax servicing solution for commercial properties including payment processing, records management and claims processing.
    Technology enabled platform for end-to-end Tax services
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