Card Dispute Solutions

Our Card Disputes CoE brings on-board a deep domain expertise and combined together with our Omni channel contact center services and technology enabled solutions helps you achieve a faster dispute resolution and a higher win rate.

Increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs with our Card Dispute Services.

With capabilities to support both issuer and merchant disputes and chargebacks, we help issuers, merchant acquirers and chargeback management firms achieve:

  • 60% faster turn times
  • 45% cost savings
  • 25% improvement in average handling time

Powered by 20 years of industry experience, our Card Dispute CoE has been trusted by leading merchant acquirers, issuers, and a top 5 chargeback management firm.

Issuer/Card Holder Disputes | Merchant/Acquirer Disputes

Issuer/Card Holder Disputes

  • Inbound Disputes Contact Center
    Issuer dispute intake, preliminary investigation to ascertain validity/reason for dispute
  • Issuer Disputes Processing
    Back-office disputes processing for Credit & Debit cards, inclusive of provisional credit, retrieval requests, sending customer letters, waive fees/finance charges, update credit bureau
  • Pin/ Signature Disputes
    Research and evaluation of reason for disputed transactions for PIN/Signature-based Bankcard transactions. Correction/ credits to account
  • Card Fraud & Non-fraud Disputes
    Handling of unauthorized, billing errors, goods/services and ATM dispensing and deposit disputes. Case preparation, indexing and proper case routing/ or full completion
  • Merchant Disputes
    Review incoming issuer chargebacks on behalf of acquirer to process representment / acceptance post verification of available documentation
  • Representment Processing
    Gather documentation constituting compelling evidence to successfully represent chargebacks, using merchant CRMs, impacting win rates positively
  • Manual Dispute submission
    Upload representment documents post processing where clients don’t have automatic capability
  • Chargebacks
    Review incoming issuer chargebacks on behalf of the acquirer to process representment / acceptance post verification of available documentation
  • Pre-arbitrations
    Review incoming Pre-arbitration/ 2nd Chargebacks to file arbitration cases with Visa and MasterCard respectively
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