Pre-processing support (Indexing, data entry)

Data extraction and digitization of documents in the card application & servicing areas.

Application review/processing

Verification of documents in credit card applications for underwriting purposes.

Credit card underwriting

Check information like DTI, FICO score, fraud alerts, tradelines, collections, bankruptcy and account details for secured and unsecured cards and provide the final decision (Approval & Decline) on the card based on underwriting guidelines.

Business card booking

Verify data on the card processing system with the associated documents for booking business cards

Debit & credit adjustment

Quick manual credits/ debits made to accounts post validation of customer requests

Promo rates

Adjustments made to customer cards based on promotional offers / rates committed while issuing the card

Stop payment

Handling of STOP payment request on accounts based on customer requests, or notification by the bank.

Lost & stolen card

Handling of processes related to lost or stolen cards, including any STOP payment requests, replacement/ reissue, etc.

Fee waivers

Support bankcard adjustments based on customer requests, including fee waiver in case of misapplied fees or as a courtesy.

Misapplied payment

Comprehensive bankcard adjustments including any debits/credits due to misapplied payments and related fee waivers etc.

Credit bureau updates

Credit information adjustments via automated credit dispute verification or automated universal data

Inbound Disputes Contact Center

Issuer dispute intake, preliminary investigation to ascertain validity/reason for dispute

Issuer Disputes Processing

Back-office disputes processing for Credit & Debit cards, inclusive of provisional credit, retrieval requests, sending customer letters, waive fees/finance charges, update credit bureau

Pin/ Signature Disputes

Research and evaluation of reason for disputed transactions for PIN/Signature-based Bankcard transactions. Correction/ credits to account

Card Fraud & Non-fraud Disputes

Handling of unauthorized, billing errors, goods/services and ATM dispensing and deposit disputes. Case preparation, indexing and proper case routing/ or full completion

Merchant deal boarding

Set-up of new merchants based on received applications. Indexing and data extraction, verification of information for onboarding merchants.

Merchant disputes

Resolution of disputes based on documents received from cardholders and merchants. These are done on behalf of Payment Processors using Association guidelines.

Merchant maintenance

Managing all maintenance to merchant accounts for processors/ acquirers or issuers, based on customer received requests.

Merchant downloads

Integrating the physical POS terminal equipment or internet payment gateways into the payment processing network to facilitate e-commerce.

Pricing adjustments

Making pricing changes on Merchant accounts based on service requests.

Basic underwriting

Validating the worthiness of new merchants being onboarded based on a set of criteria to support final approval.

Transaction research & rekey

Researching requests based on any changes required by the merchants in contracts or erroneous processing; including financial adjustments to the accounts.

Scan & image matching

Matching images sent in for Disputes / Fraud evaluation and attaching them to appropriate accounts / folders.

Bankcards/credit cards

Inbound calls supporting requests like balance & funds transfer, card replacement, block cards, lost & stolen and dispute intake.


Inbound & outbound early-stage general collections

Merchant Disputes

Review incoming issuer chargebacks on behalf of acquirer to process representment / acceptance post verification of available documentation

Representment Processing

Gather documentation constituting compelling evidence to successfully represent chargebacks, using merchant CRMs, impacting win rates positively

Manual Dispute submission

Upload representment documents post processing where clients don’t have automatic capability


Review incoming issuer chargebacks on behalf of the acquirer to process representment / acceptance post verification of available documentation


Review incoming Pre-arbitration/ 2nd Chargebacks to file arbitration cases with Visa and MasterCard respectively