Banking Services

Our banking support services combine extensive domain experience, business process services and technology
to help banks operate at maximum efficiency, remain competitive and enrich the customer experience.
We support over 600 banking processes.

We help Banks achieve:

35% cost saving

Control bottom-line using optimal solutions with a focus on continuous improvement.

20% turn time improvement

Improve agility with streamlined operations & smart solutions.

98% quality delivered consistently

Enhance customer satisfaction with improved First Time Right Ratio and quick responses.

Powered by over 20 years of industry experience, our Banking transformation solutions are trusted by several large and mid-size banks including 5 of the top 25 U.S. Banks.

Our professionals annually support: 480M lockbox entries, Day 1 & day 2 processing of 48M check items, over 1.5M card disputes processing, detection of $7M in card deposit fraud and prevention of $2M in mortgage fraud.

Business Impact Delivered

Driving to six sigma (99.9986%) accuracy levels in lockbox processing

  • Improved quality levels in lockbox processing
    • From 4.7 to 5.74 sigma (99.9986%) in Retail lockbox
    • From 4.0 to 5.62 Sigma (99.9979%) in Wholesale lockbox
  • Met guaranteed turn time (15 min to 2 hours)
  • Bank’s fixed costs converted to variable costs; daily & seasonal volume fluctuations handled

30% reduction in staffing and 99.5% accuracy achieved in financial statement spreading

  • Operational cost reduced in Financial Statement Spreading
    • 30% reduction in staff compared to client’s team
  • Assured quality and turn around time
    • Coforge BPS offered an SLA of 1 spread per hour
    • Quality maintained at above 99.5% consistently
    • Prioritized turn time for new loans < 12 hours


In addition to Banking Services
our other solutions include: