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What is MuleSoft’s Anypoint Community Manager (ACM)?

What is ACM?

MuleSoft introduced API Community Manager (ACM) in July 2022 with the intention of providing a one stop solution for the API Management Lifecycle.

Under the purview of Salesforce eco-system, API Community Manager is a combination of Salesforce Experience Cloud and an AppExchange product created by MuleSoft on top of Anypoint platform.

It can provide an interactive personalized digital experience with customer APIs that are designed and maintained in Anypoint Platform. This promotes organizations API products and improves collaborations between developers, partners, and employees.


API Community Manager Licenses are provisioned by MuleSoft. A standard ACM license consists of a Salesforce Customer Community Plus Login License.


  • Check Prerequisites
  • Install API Community Manager Package
  • Connect Anypoint using Guided Setup
  • Create Community
  • Create Profiles using Diagnostics
  • Activate Community

Key functions & Features

API Community Manager can be used by Developers and Partners for collaboration and tracking the API program KPIs along with managing client applications and API Access Credentials. Below are some key areas where the solutions are utilized:

  • API Design: Ability to design, publish and deploy APIs
  • API Gateway: Ability to enforce relevant API security policies and requests
  • API Store: Cataloging customer APIs that can be exposed to internal/external stakeholders.
  • API Analytics: Ability to monitor API usage, past data, and other metrics for better understanding of the status and success of the available APIs



To conclude, API Management is increasingly gaining importance for any enterprise that uses APIs or delivers their services with the help of the APIs. According to Gartner research, the market holding for API management is estimated to grow by 33.4% between the periods of 2017 - 2022.

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