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Unleash the Power of Custom Copilots to Revolutionize Your Workflow

Unleash the Power of Custom Copilots to Revolutionize Your Workflow

The enormous growth in the information available is leading to an era of information overload. Information is critical but an overload can result in an array of problems, from heavy applications and long response times to multiple screens with different pieces of information that the user needs to decipher. The decision to identify what information is critical and what is not, is increasingly difficult to make. Depending on the context, the information available is either meaningless, too much or not available.

Right Information for the Best Decision

The overarching intent is clear – we do want business users to have the right information they need to make the best decision possible. Rather than presume what information would be needed, why not let the user decide?

This is where custom copilots can play a very valuable role in delivering easy access to information needed by the business user as they go through the process of executing their tasks. Rather than build heavy apps pulling in all the information that may be of use, let the user decide what is useful and access the same easily.

Guiding Principles

When looking at building custom copilots, a few guiding principles must be kept in mind.

Context awareness: As the user navigates between various apps and even through various screens within an app, making the copilot context aware would enable providing relevant insights, actions at the right time

Be Proactive: In a given situation, there are some insights more important than others, some actions more often taken than others; by delivering insights and actions proactively, one can not only save time and effort but also ensure that critical insights are not overlooked

Prioritize: In most cases, there is always more information than less. Given that real estate available to a Copilot is going to be limited, it’s important to prioritize what the user gets to see when the Copilot is invoked. Remember, that as long as the Copilot has access to the information, the user will always have the ability to seek out additional information as needed.

Custom copilots are personalized to a user persona and so can extend to many personas in an organization. With the use of custom copilots, the core applications themselves can undergo a significant transformation. They can become more aligned with the core business process and reduce the clutter of tabs & scrolls while also limiting the need to transition from one application to another. Rather than solve a performance issue, you may want to consider building a custom copilot.

At Coforge, we are working closely with clients in different industries to leverage GenAI capabilities to enable critical user groups to make better decisions while being more productive

  • Advisor Copilot in Financial Services – enabling the Advisor to access multiple capabilities and insights from analyzing multiple funds quickly to building a well crafted mail to a client on potential investment ideas Here
  • Underwriter Copilot in Insurance – supporting the Underwriter to access relevant information (internal + external) to assess the risk and optimal premium, access tools right within the core Underwriting system Here
  • Extending this approach across additional roles and in different industries can bring the power of Gen AI through Customer Copilots, making it very targeted to the needs of the user.

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