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Thoughts from the MuleSoft Summit 2016

Our team have recently returned from the MuleSoft Summit, held with partners and customers of MuleSoft, as well as organisation exploring potential uses of the System Integration technology. Designed to have useful content for a wide range of attendees, the session had a lot to live up to, with an extensive agenda full of great speakers.

We saw how more companies than ever before are waking to the new dawn of API led connectivity, and realising that they’re going to need a properly planned API strategy if they’re going to keep up with their competition in terms of agility and ability to meet rising customer demands. Traditional organisations seem to be working to devolve the centralised nature of IT by spreading control and access of data across multiple departments and external organisations.

This de-centralisation is creating fantastic innovations, and enabling a more ‘self-serve’ approach to creating applications and services. Of course, this can only be possible if users of the data are actually able to access it easily, and MuleSoft has been specifically built to be developer-friendly, using RAML as the developer language of choice.

Of course, the thought on everyone’s mind was the security considerations; an organisation can’t devolve access and control and expect everything to ‘just work out’. Fortunately, MuleSoft seem to have thought of this, with the AnyPoint platform being designed with analytics and security at its core – simply connecting systems is no longer enough.

In order to remain competitive and beat the competition, organisations have to innovate constantly, and the AnyPoint platform is designed to lead this innovation. The rise of SAAS applications was an innovation, but the mindset behind the AnyPoint platform is a quantum leap ahead to not only accessing data, but combining and making it accessible in new ways too.

With most of the attendants already sold on the value of MuleSoft, the conversation quickly turned to exploring ideas for how to implement the platform for the orgaisations in attendance. Key note speeches included various learnings and tips, which we at Coforge were well acquainted with. Understanding the need to align technical resources with business requirements and maintain clear channels of communication within a project are just some of the fundamentals our teams are trained to deliver during an implementation.

We can only see good things for the future of the MuleSoft platform, and we look forward to delivering more great implementations for our customers.

If you would like to know How Coforge can help you make the most out of your current infrastructure (in Systems Integration or Big Data) while enabling you to open your digital horizons, come visit us as MuleSummit 2017 in London. Or give us a call at +44 (0)203 475 7980 or email us at

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