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How AI Empowers Communication Providers to Move Customers to Cutting-Edge Products

How AI Empowers Communication Providers to Move Customers to Cutting-Edge Products

Challenge: A significant portion of Communication Service Providers' (CSPs) customer base still relies on legacy products like DSL, T1 lines, POTS lines, and legacy PBXs. These products may be familiar to customers, but they deliver sub-par service compared to modern offerings and are expensive for CSPs to maintain.

The Data Labyrinth: Migrating these customers seamlessly to innovative solutions presents a complex challenge. Decades of accumulated data on legacy products can be riddled with inconsistencies due to historical limitations and siloed systems within CSP operations. This makes it difficult to:

  • Identify customers: Accurately pinpoint which customers are still subscribed to legacy products due to data quality issues between Order Management Systems (OMS), Provisioning Systems, Actual Usage data, Billing Systems, and Customer Ticketing Systems. Inconsistencies can arise from:
    • Outdated information in legacy systems not reflecting current subscriptions.
    • Discrepancies between what was ordered, what was provisioned, and what the customer is actually using.
    • Inaccurate billing data leading to incomplete customer records.
  • Understanding usage: Gaining a clear picture of each customer's actual usage patterns for legacy services, due to potential inconsistencies in usage data
  • Crafting targeted messaging: Developing personalized communication that resonates with each customer's needs and motivating them to migrate.
  • Plan customized migrations: Creating individual migration plans that fit each customer's specific situation, even with potential data gaps.

This intricate web of challenges, combined with data quality issues, hinders CSPs from fully capitalizing on the benefits of modernizing their service portfolio.

Here's where Coforge Quasar, an exceptional AI Platform designed to build Enterprise AI capabilities plays a transformative role. With Quasar, organizations can seamlessly develop and deploy AI-powered applications on a large scale. Its arsenal includes a comprehensive set of 100+ APIs, readily available for integration. Featuring a modular and scalable architecture, Quasar boasts an impressive array of 100+ pre-built cognitive and generative use cases, facilitating the creation of out-of-the-box solutions. Quasar enables enterprises to:

  • Gain Insights, Automate Processes: Our platform empowers CSPs to gain valuable insights from customer-specific products, billing data, and actual usage, aligning perfectly with your migration strategy. Based on this analysis, we build models that identify ideal target customers, products, and migration priorities. We then suggest personalized migration paths with new products that meet and potentially exceed customer needs.
  • Perform Targeted Marketing, Smooth Migration: Create persuasive marketing materials showcasing how new products benefit customers' businesses. We generate detailed, customized migration plans encompassing required equipment, ordering, field service installation, and network provisioning.
  • Empower Intelligent Agent Support, Seamless Monitoring: Our AI-powered agent assistance empowers representatives and account owners to make informed decisions and effectively communicate with customers throughout the process. Once they agree, the plan becomes actionable and integrates with relevant systems, ensuring seamless execution and monitoring.
  • Provide Transparency & Visibility: Both customers and account owners gain clear visibility into the migration progress through a real-time dashboard, fostering trust and transparency.

Key Benefits:

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction: Personalized recommendations and a smooth process lead to happier customers.
  • Improved Conversion Rates: Targeted marketing materials and agent assistance drive higher adoption of new products.
  • Reduced Operational Costs: We automate tasks, freeing up resources and optimizing costs.
  • Faster Time to Market: Streamlined processes accelerate customer migration to new offerings.

By harnessing the power of Quasar, Communication Providers can achieve a smoother, more efficient, and customer-centric migration journey, unlocking the full potential of their cutting-edge products. Contact us today to learn more!


T.S. Sarangarajan

T.S. Sarangarajan

T.S. Sarangarajan, A results-oriented leader with 30+ years of experience in crafting and executing engineering, organizational, and digital strategies across healthcare, telecom, banking, finance, and infrastructure sectors. Proven ability to leverage strategic and technological leadership, along with strong people management skills, to deliver measurable value. Passionate about simplifying complex business challenges through innovative technology solutions.

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