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Coforge (Erstwhile WHISHWORKS) Partners with Dataguise to Deliver Sensitive Data Security and GDPR Compliance to Organisations Throughout EMEA

WHISHWORKS Joins the Dataguise Partner Ecosystem to Broaden Secure Data Access for Customers

FREMONT— January 10, 2017 — Dataguise, a leader in sensitive data governance, today announced that WHISHWORKS, a provider of IT services and systems integration focused on building and supporting the data-driven enterprise, has partnered with Dataguise to strengthen the security and compliance of data infrastructure throughout Europe. WHISHWORKS will offer DgSecure to customers within its areas of operation, including France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Established in 2008, WHISHWORKS has emerged as an IT service leader in data-driven IT outsourcing and consulting. The company specialises in delivering innovative technologies on time and on budget. WHISHWORKS oversees Centres of Excellence and has developed deep skills in the areas of Data & Analytics and systems integration. The organisation has partnered with the best platform providers, including Hortonworks, MapR, Cloudera, and Dataguise, to deliver unparalleled services and products that fuel rapid business growth.

The partnership between Dataguise and WHISHWORKS will help organisations to overcome difficulties in unlocking Data & Analytic's potential because of the compliance requirements that will be imposed by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May, 2018. As many organisations struggle to combine their various data sources into a secure structure that can yield the rich insights necessary to drive meaningful and sustainable business growth, WHISHWORKS recognises that some view this information as out of reach, expensive, or sensitive in nature. WHISHWORKS ' deployments that integrate Dataguise security and compliance software will enable solution efficiency, security and greater profits by allowing higher levels of access through a secure and searchable data security framework in order to maximise the value of becoming a data-driven organisation.

"The vast well of information, indexes, and systems held by organisations represents a potential game changer for professionals seeking to expand their operations using Apache Hadoop,” said Tony Ward, Head of Data & Analytics Consultancy at WHISHWORKS. “DgSecure is an innovative and effective solution for ensuring data security and compliance when leveraging single or multiple Hadoop distributions for analytics and other purposes. The high level integration expands our key competencies across multiple data management platforms and supports our vision of improving the customer experience without unnecessary risk.”

DgSecure delivers a comprehensive data security and compliance solution for all data source types, allowing users to quickly understand what, where, and how sensitive data is detected, protected, and accessed across the enterprise. The advanced features in version 6.0 provide all-in-one sensitive data governance, privacy compliance, and risk mitigation. The software supports a wide range of IT and data management frameworks and enhances the operational experience for data stewards and CISOs managing these systems.

“With their team of data experts, WHISHWORKS helps an impressive list of clients harness the benefits of Data & Analytics for business intelligence, growth, and operational efficiency,” said Ron Miles, Vice President, International Sales. “Dataguise ensures those actions occur securely to protect against both internal and external threats while compliance is maintained with a real-time dashboard that reveals the current status and location of all sensitive data throughout the organisation. We are pleased to partner with WHISHWORKS and support data-driven organisations with these endeavors.”

Register for a free webinar hosted by WHISHWORKS and Dataguise, on the challenges and strategies for ensuring GDPR compliance.

About Dataguise

Dataguise is a leader in sensitive data governance, giving data-driven enterprises a simple, powerful solution for global sensitive data governance. DgSecure by Dataguise precisely detects, protects, audits, and monitors sensitive data across the enterprise, on premises and in the cloud. Delivering a single, dashboard view of sensitive data security, policies, access, and trends, DgSecure gives IT and business leaders the insights they need to manage risk and compliance while maximizing the value of information assets. The company is proud to secure the data of many Fortune 500 companies committed to responsible data stewardship. To learn more, visit:


WHISHWORKS is a global IT services and consulting company focused on providing systems integration and Data & Analytics solutions to enterprise organisations. The company helps businesses improve performance, profitability, intelligence and security.

WHISHWORKS has an enviable portfolio of customers who choose to work with the company because of the strengths of its consultancy teams, who represent its greatest asset. They are selected based on their experience and through the Centres of Excellence, maintain a continuous programme of certification. This is the 200-strong talent pool from which the company draws its engineering experts.

WHISHWORKS is a  Hortonworks Gold Partner, an Authorised Reseller and Certified Consulting Partner for MapR and Cloudera Silver Partner.

If you would like to find out more about how Data & Analytics could help you make the most out of your current infrastructure while enabling you to open your digital horizons, do give us a call at +44 (0)203 475 7980 or email us at

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