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CIO guide to Microsoft Copilot Adoption

The launch of Microsoft Copilot has created a wave of excitement and CIO’s are grappling with a number of questions while at the same time assessing the capabilities and what the best approach would be for their enterprise.

With 30+ Copilots and more to come, there is a lot to grapple with. However, looking at enterprise impact, GitHub Copilot and M365 Copilot would be the first ones that lead the adoption cycle. Depending on the industry, organization size, technology skill and equally important budget, one could drive the adoption with an org wide AI first approach or look to jog, run and then sprint.

No matter the approach, the important facets to consider while embarking on the Copilot journey are:

  1. Focus on Value realization: With the capabilities that Copilot delivers, its easy to analyze the potential value that could be generated. However, the real challenge is in its realization, which can really be achieved through a rigorous process of enablement, monitoring progress and timely action to improve effectiveness.

  2. Adapt and Extend: Its one thing to be able to access basic enterprise information and see how the Copilot responds with details in a very synthesized manner. The value is really amplified when Copilot capabilities are extended to access real enterprise data sitting within databases. Exposing these to the Copilot users, really begins the process of faster decision making and business impact.

  3. Build Custom Copilots: For specialized functions, the need to provide very targeted capabilities and information can lead to significant benefits. Copilots can be enabled not just for providing information but also for taking action. For e.g. providing an Investment Advisor with multiple actions such as investing in a fund, to moving from one fund to another to re-balancing the portfolio would greatly benefit the process of moving from discussion to execution. Microsoft’s Sales Copilot is one such specialized Copilot that delivers targeted value to a sales person

Copilots will change the way we do work and that requires dedicated focus within the organization to make that transformation truly be realized. This is not just a deployment activity but a more concerted approach from envision to adoption that must be undertaken to realize the full benefits across the organization.

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