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A Gym with Certified Trainers to make your Business Processes Leaner, Fitter, Efficient and Healthy to Fight any Competition

When the Business Advisory team engage with clients, we focus on the problem or initiative and then how we can deliver the requisite business outcome. A key component leveraged is our Business Process Re-engineering expertise.

We describe how we utilize a hybrid model consisting of process excellence and domain knowledge capabilities to drive transformation across the enterprise from a people, process and technology perspective. We use real-world examples to highlight the value delivered, how the findings lead into real business change.

We have now trademarked our process re-engineering offering as ProcessGymTM. Having ProcessGymTM trademarked means that Coforge owns the intellectual property and has exclusive use of the name, as such we can use to help showcase our capabilities, to build industry recognition and ultimately differentiate us.

"Publication of Trademark "PROCESSGYM" under application nos. 2865520 and 2865521 in classes 16 and 35 in the name of Coforge LIMITED."

Class 16 - Computer programs [printed]; manuals; printed matters; publications; brochures; leaflets; pamphlets; books; magazines.

Class 35 - Business management and business advisory consultancy including business process improvement; business administration; office functions.

So, what exactly is ProcessGymTM?

It is Coforge business consulting framework that helps clients identify, understand and transform their processes. It is used to eliminate waste, assess and manage risks and help clients achieve optimum levels of service delivery.

The first consulting study was conducted in 2012 for a low-cost airline, since then we have performed multiple studies for clients across BFS, TTH and Insurance, with a proven track record of delivering tangible benefits.

A key value-add for Coforge is that ProcessGymTM provides Coforge with a clear insight into the strategic objectives of our clients (i.e. their problems and challenges along with the solution roadmap). As such, this positions us to provide answers to deliver the roadmap.

Would like to thank Deepak Dixit, head of the practice for driving this initiative, for establishing, implementing and driving this framework as a key differentiator. Also, to thank LSO team for their persistent support to achieve this fate.

Our motto for ProcessGymTM is “We have an up to date Gym with well trained trainers to make your business processes leaner, fitter, efficient and healthy to fight any competition”.

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