71% of IT leaders see legacy systems modernisation as key to becoming a connected business

During the recent London MuleSoft Summit, we asked CIOs, IT leaders, integration architects and development leads to tell us about their progress with integrating their systems and applications. Following are the main points from their responses and the more inclusive infographic.43% of respondents are still connecting their systems via direct or point-to-point integrations. In the past, it was common for each department in an organisation to procure applications independently, in order to manage their own data for their own needs. Over the years and with the increasing need for connectivity and data-sharing to support business growth, IT departments started connecting these applications with what is known as point-to-point or direct integrations. However, with an average lifespan of anywhere between 15 to 40 years, a large enterprise may have amassed over a thousand applications. Many of these applications are today too rigid to support the modern enterprise and a few have become legacy. What’s more, the necessary point-to-point connections are becoming a maze of undocumented and/or re-coded dependencies, causing quite a headache to IT departments and hindering business growth. Not surprisingly, legacy systems were highlighted both as a technology driver (71%)and a main obstacle to becoming a connected business (56%).

An API-led approach to integration can resolve these issues, and 57% of respondents have already started their migration to an API-based platform. APIs expose data in a way that protects the integrity of legacy systems and enables secure and governed access to the underlying data. This allows organisations with older systems to adapt to modern business needs, with faster time-to-market (43%) and business agility and insights (37%) being highlighted as the main business drivers by our respondents.

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