MicroFocus & HPE Software

With the recent merger of Micro Focus & HP, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Software is now part of Micro Focus.

Micro Focus’ solutions comprise a best-in- class, enterprise-grade security platform with built-in scalability and analytics to drive the future of security. Enterprise IT Security solutions from Micro Focus help conquer digital transformation to deliver security intelligence and risk management at the core of everything companies do. Secure applications and data, drive identity-centric controls and intelligence, and leverage powerful analytics to detect known and unknown threats.

Coforge is a platinum partner of Micro Focus to deliver cybersecurity solutions in helping our customers towards the following:

Detect known and unknown threats in the enterprise Centrally manage identities to improve security Reduce organizational risk and monitor privileged accounts Track system configuration changes to guard against threats Have frictionless authentication and authorization controls Perform application security testing Secure data at rest, in transit, and in use Protect corporate devices and data
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