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The future of enterprise is in multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments. Large volumes of data will be generated at the edge. As more and more businesses will embrace digital infrastructure, it will give an immense surge in data generation. They need to deploy advanced cloud-based technologies, including analytics tools with machine learning (ML) capabilities to use data from multiple sources and systems to deliver the right experiences to the right customers, at the right time. Therefore, it is business critical to have a modern data foundation that can operate seamlessly across different environments.

Databricks offers an open data lakehouse platform based on ‘one security and governance model’ to accommodate all enterprise data types in a cloud-agnostic way to govern the data wherever it is stored. Databricks’ Lakehouse Platform has already been adopted by over 7000 customers worldwide.

Coforge in alliance with Databricks will support a cloud-based lakehouse platform that accelerates data-driven innovation for clients across several industries. The company has trained over 100 engineers as Databricks experts available for customers and their data management roadmap.

As a Databricks consulting and implementation partner, Coforge will bring in a fusion of its innovations to build industry-specific solutions and services for enterprises across the globe leveraging Databricks’ Lakehouse Platform.

As part of this alliance, Coforge and Databricks will cater to the broader data modernization challenges faced by customers across industries and is aligned with Coforge’s commitment to driving impact for clients by generating actionable insights, often in real-time, from data.


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