Expert support delivered with speed

We empower businesses to succeed in their digital transformation journeys by helping them to turn their vision into value.

Our unique approach is what differentiates us. Starting with the end in mind, we design bespoke solutions for our clients depending on their individual challenges and goals.

Our certified experts harness their specialisation in MuleSoft, Salesforce and Data & Analytics to provide a complete technology service, taking a project from discovery and planning through to implementation and support in record time.

Who we are

Formed from the acquisition of WHISHWORKS, Coforge’s Salesforce Business Unit comes with a strong heritage. We provide expert IT and Consulting services, specialising in accelerating business outcomes through digital enablement, seamless connectivity and data transformation.

We work with an ecosystem of digital innovators to develop leading solutions that enable business transformation and growth, including MuleSoft, Salesforce, Microsoft Azure, Tableau and Confluent.

Since 2008, we have helped hundreds of businesses to access, control and monetise their data. Our dedication, expertise and ability to solve problems fast have been recognised by customers and partners alike. Today, we are the partner of choice for data-driven organisations who want to start their digital transformation journeys on solid foundations.

  • Accelerators

    Our strategic partnerships, together with extensive cross-vertical experience allow us to leverage tested frameworks and accelerators to speed up delivery and decrease cost.

  • Embedded Quality

    Through our dedicated Centres of Excellence we apply governance, best practice, and a DevOps methodology to every project, to ensure the high quality of our deliverables.

  • Customer Success

    We work closely with the customer at all levels through our technical and account management teams, to ensure deliverables meet their current and future requirements, and they are fully enabled to leverage our solutions.

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Benefits - Channel Marketing


    We have been working with Salesforce, MuleSoft and all major data platforms on hundreds of diverse projects. We are experts in what we do and, most importantly, we understand the challenges our customers are facing.


Centres of Excellence

We operate three dedicated Centres of Excellence to accelerate innovation, best practice and problem solving in MuleSoft integration, Salesforce CRM and Data Analytics respectively.

From our development hub in India, our teams work across the globe delivering state of the art services to data-driven enterprises. From our commercial operations in the UK and North America, our teams provide face-to-face customer liaison and project management.

Work for us

If Coforge sounds like the type of company you would like to work for, take a look at our career openings.