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Why your organization should care about user experience

UX design, more often than not, is misunderstood and should play a key role in your product design process and across all digital channels for that matter. In today’s competitive marketplaces where customer acquisition, retention, satisfaction, brand recognition and loyalty is paramount to success, companies need to work with experienced partners that have both the design and the domain experience and can help your organization make it a priority and a success.

We have a global, diverse team of user experience resources that can help your organization build these positive experiences that will ultimately yield deeper customer and brand loyalty.

Our resources span the realm of customer experience needs including researchers, UX strategists, UX architects, UX/UI product designers, and highly talented visual designers. They can help your organization navigate the process end-to-end ensuring success.

Our UCD (User Centered Design) approach utilizes a solution-based design methodology that ensures your users (internal and external) are at the heart of the solution. Through workshops, in-depth research and interviews we identify and frame the challenges in a human-centric way.  Based on this, we develop a proven strategy that is carried out through design ideation, prototyping, testing and optimization to ensure it works for your business and users.

Our end-to-end, iterative UCD approach consists of five key phases, discovery (research & analysis), design definition, ideation, prototyping, testing and implementation. We also guarantee that your users’ experiences will be 100% compliant with global accessibility standards such as WCAG 2.1 (soon to be AA 2.2) and regional compliances. Recently strong focus has been put on ensuring all users, including those with diverse needs or disabilities are able to engage with your digital challenges like anyone else.

All compliance requirements are a standard part of our requirements documentation and executed throughout our process. All UX/UI/Visual designers, developers and testers are trained on best practices for achieving the critical accessibility requirements.

Following is a snapshot of our approach to ensuring equal parts UX and UI research, thinking and planning are central to a successful end product or digital channel experience. And, that the end results are anchored in data, research, consumer/customer feedback and validated through extensive testing.


Although every client engagement and activities and deliverables may vary, following is a sampling of many of the activities you can expect if you engage with our teams to deliver the ultimate user experience that we guarantee will drive successful engagement and relationships with your customers.

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Lastly great UX/UI and visual design is only great if it verifiably meets your customers’ needs and expectations, which is why we have a robust testing phase that will demonstrate that the process works.

Our testing approach puts the end-users at the forefront to test and validate the research, design and experience choices against qualitative and quantitative criteria. It should be noted that user testing happens throughout the process, initially to establish the design recommendations (especially on user journeys already in existence, but also at the prototyping phase (for both existing journey improvements and greenfield design implementations).




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