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Migration Playbook

Organizations of all sizes are using integration technology to transform their business, market, and industry at an increasing pace. Integration strategy adoption isn’t a one-size-fits-all scenario. Migration Playbook can provide an adaptable tool to manage all phases of your transformation with collaborative, automated, and data-driven capabilities.

What is Migration Playbook?

A collaborative solution that enables business and technical teams to build the assets & processes that are used in large-scale migration to manage all phases of transformations for integration adoption. Migration playbook supports:

  • Business case development and strategic alignment
  • Application assessment surveys, data gathering notes, and technical discovery inventories
  • Reference architectures, standards, and solution architectures
  • Wave scheduling and resource planning
  • Task assignments, issue management, learnings knowledge base

Why customers use Migration Playbook

  • Enables collaboration between business users and technical teams -integrating data across multiple systems of record
  • Automates deployments using customer-specific templates and architecture standards
  • Increases business value by prioritizing activities and issue resolution


Migration Considerations

There are several aspects that an organization formulates while adopting a newer platform that resonates with its business objectives & is in line with its strategic roadmap.

  • Understand overall TCO that indicates long-term cost savings
  • Migration effort involved
  • Co-existence
  • Key considerations around infrastructure costs, cloud computing
  • Technologies that are used within a federated organization
  • Product roadmap & its support period

Coforge has devised a robust methodology and developed tools, and accelerators to help organizations drive smoother transformations, De-Risking migration initiatives by providing the most considerations prior to starting the transformation journey. There are several tool kits available for Coforge customers to embark on the migration journey:

  • iEval – Integration Platform Evaluation Framework - The principle aim of this framework is to evaluate, compare and select the right platform for integration and API management based on enterprise business requirements
  • Migration Readiness Tool Kit - Anticipate risks, costs, necessary processes & potential migration paths. The Migration Readiness solution is a structured, in-depth analysis of the workload being migrated. It asks a series of detailed questions to prepare customers for seamless migration. By following this self-guided checklist, we can ensure no important detail goes overlooked
  • Migration Automation Utilities - Automation comprises toolsets and utilities for repetitive tasks leading to reduced development time, quality deliverables, and accelerated time to market.
  • Migration Methodology – A well-drafted phase-wise migration strategy that starts with a pilot MVP mindset based on customers’ real scenarios taking a hybrid approach into consideration and at the same time focusing on consumption & revenue. Then make frequent, incremental improvements based on the feedback solicited from businesses and clients by starting rolling out the product into the hands of customers.
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