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Process Automation using business rules with a unified platform for processing Land Development ​applications

Key Challenges

  • High turnaround time for application response leading to customer dissatisfaction.
  • Heavy reliance on manual & paper intensive processes
  • Significant limitations around systems flexibility, integration and scalability
  • Incomplete view for the application and related data artefacts
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Agile delivery with 20+ business teams involved.

Coforge along with Pega Systems, built a solution using Case Management to

  • Identify pain areas by conducting a business process assessment.
  • Solution for Intelligent data processing capabilities including automated case processing and rule-based processing.
  • Designed a dynamic work allocation approach.
  • Integrated system with automated checks and business data retrieval from ESRI GIS system, Asset management and Document management system
  • Ad-hoc reporting capabilities and financial reconciliation
  • Removal of unsupported and redundant applications

Business Benefits

  • Unified platform for processing land development applications which is operational across 5 team.
  • Significant reduction in redundant application categories, reduced the number of application categories from 105 to 32.
  • Process Automation using business rules based on applicant and application related data.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience with easy GUI, automated notifications and decision systems
  • Increased efficiency and the removal of manual work-around.
  • Guided process using Non-GIS and GIS response matrix.
  • Reduce financial error by auto calculation of contribution and fees.
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